About Parrot Reporters

Parrot Reporters is an independent and non-partisan news platform with special focus on Nigerians in Diaspora cum news within and outside the shore of Nigeria.

Our aim is to celebrate the exploits of Nigerians in diaspora particularly in Southern Africa and other parts of the world.

We hope to become the platform that will shape the world views on the positive roles that Nigerians in diaspora play across the globe.

Our platform is aimed at becoming a platform to help to promote the rights, culture, good governance, human rights and transparency of all peoples, regardless of their nation or race.

To contact us:

Please send an email to editor@parrotreporters.com parrotreporters@gmail.com

You can also send us a whatsapp message on +27659505816 with your details so we can add your name as bylines to whatever reports you wish Parrot Reporters to publish

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