The APC chieftain in UK, Ade Omole recently held a meeting with the President of The Senate – Federal Republic of Nigeria at the Sloane Square in Central London, UK.

The meeting was primarily convened to brief Dr. Saraki on Nigerian Diaspora voting proposal with emphasis and reference to Countries that have implemented similar Diaspora voting system and laws that support same.

According to Ade Omole, it was an opportunity to present to the Senate President; an advisory policy document created in conjunction with Chatham House after the London Agriculture Summit organised by APC UK on Agricultural Diversification of Nigeria’s economy. Other areas of cooperation and related matters discussed are:

a) Synergy between Nigerians in the Diaspora and the National Assembly

b) Replacement of paper-based operations at NASS with Electronic Document Management that will ensure quick and easy access to NASS information

c) Assurance from the Senate President to engage Nigerian professionals in the Diaspora in the Nation building process

The APC Chieftain assured the Senate President of APC UK’s continued support in the nation building process anchored on laws that will promote and protect human rights, create a stable political, civil, economic and social environment; and adherence to the rule of law.

The APC Chieftain further made a call to all and sundry to proffer ideas and suggestions that could aid the development of education, provision of needed infrastructure that will help businesses and generate required employment in Nigeria, nation building that will allow the participation of civil society groups and develop democratic state institutions that will ensure the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

The APC Chieftain asked individuals and interested parties willing to proffer such help to reach out on the following address