There are many advantages of African Universities when comparing them to the Western ones. Considering the forms of Universities in Africa they can be regarded as equivalent or better than the western ones, we have various universities from different countries making up the list of best universities in Africa.

When comparing the curriculum of most African Universities, it is more cumbersome than the western ones. Also looking at their activities, exams and homework it’s alot which takes us to the African student as an individual.

A typical African student takes the university course more serious due to the fact that he/she has alot ahead educationally and he/she is also going to school in order to make life better for his/her self and family unlike the western student who might be persuaded to attend school and based on this reason the western student might also end up focusing on other career such as sport.

Another crucial advantage is the fund/monetary aspect, when it comes to African Universities the fees are way more cheaper than the western ones, with more focus and development African universities will be able to produce professional/expert in various fields. Watch the video above for more information and feel to contribute by commenting.