Everything you want to hear and propagate is bad news about Nig. If our Troops kill Boko Haram and Bandits, you won’t commend them but if Boko Haram kill our soldiers, you will be the first person to propagate and share it all over social media.

I was flying from Houston to Chicago through George Bush International Airport in 2019. Shortly after we boarded the Aeroplane, a group of young US Marines started boarding. To my greatest surprise and chagrin, everybody stood up and started clapping for them. Some, out of Love, passion and Patriotism were crying and still clapping.

I didn’t understand what was happening. I didn’t want to look odd amongst the passengers. So I quickly stood up and started clapping too. We were clapping until the Marines sat properly before the Aeroplane took off.

Immediately we landed in Chicago, everybody stood up and started clapping again for the US Marines to get down before Other passengers. A lady beside me was clapping and praying for the soldiers at the same time. I quickly joined the chorus and started clapping again. When I got down from the aircraft, I rushed one of them and took a picture with him.

I saw Love, commendation, Patriotism, commitment and support for the US military from the US citizens. It doesn’t mean US Marines are not having casualties and deaths in the wars they are fighting. It doesn’t mean that USA has a perfect Army. But Americans know that despite the casualties, the soldiers are the ones fighting to keep America safe from terrorists and foreign invaders and therefore deserves commendation and encouragement.

Their political differences are immaterial and absolutely inconsequential. It doesn’t matter who is the President of the United States when it comes to love and support for the US Marines. It doesn’t matter your tribe, ethnicity and religion. They all want their soldiers to succeed.

But I suddenly realized that I came from a Country where some people will denigrate the soldiers that are fighting to keep us safe. I came from a Country where people derive pleasure in sharing news of misfortune and death of our soldiers in the battlefield. I came from a Country where the exploits and sacrifices of our soldiers means nothing to some people.

I have a lot of friends and brothers in the Army and I pray for them everyday. They have sworn to die for NIGERIA. They hardly see their family and friends. They are in the bushes, Forest and swamps fighting to protect and keep us safe. They are dying so that we can live in peace. They are suffering so that won’t suffer. They go hungry sometimes so that we can eat. They stay awake so that we can sleep with two eyes closed. They sleep in the deserts so that we can sleep in our homes.

But they are human beings like us who chose to deny themselves certain pleasures for the safety and security of NIGERIA. They deserve our prayers, support and encouragement. They deserve commendation.

I agree that there are challenges in the Country but we have no other Countries than NIGERIA. I have traveled to some Countries but there is no place like home. I won’t trade the best Country in the world with NIGERIA. No man burns down his family house because he doesn’t like his father. If you don’t like President Buhari and your Governors, Mobilize and vote them out in 2023 but don’t bring down Nigeria.

You can’t hate NIGERIA and like me. I was Born and raised in Nigeria. My grandparents and parents were born and raised in Nigeria. I am proud NIGERIAN. I haven’t got the best from Nigeria but the little I got didn’t come from abroad. I didn’t get the best from my father but the little I got came from him. Should I now kill my father because he didn’t send me to the best University and loaded my accounts with millions?

I can only be positive and I will continue to be positive. May God continue to protect our gallant Soldiers. May God continue to provide for their families. And May God continue to give our soldiers Victory against the enemies of Nigeria.

Marshall Israel.

June 19, 2021.