The imbroglio currently going on within the Bourdilon family is no longer a fantasy or conjecture. The trending video of Ogbeni Aregbesola, the immediate past Osun State Governor and the current federal Minister of Interior where he was shown cursing and denigrating Asiwaju Bola Tinubu his former friend and mentor is proof that there is fire in Bourdilon

I wish to make a balanced diagnosis of the ongoing imbroglio.

The fact that Aregbesola was an indigent when he met Asiwaju and joined his team and was initiated into his government in 1999 should not be in contest. I dare anyone who disagree with this assertion to point at what he achieved for himself politically or otherwise before he was handpicked by the Lion of Bourdilon.

Rauf Aregbesola was seconded by BAT to his state of origin (Osun State) to vie for the Governorship position after 8years as commissioner in Lagos state.

If anyone disagrees, please read Baba Bisi Akande’s autobiography “My Participation”. He was not known in the Osun political space until Asiwaju Bola Tinubu pulled his weight and resources behind him.

Rauf was supported with all necessary resources to achieve success in his tussle against the all powerful incumbent PDP government in Osun and the Federal at the time.

Considering the resources and energy channelled towards the Osun election both pre and post  2007 elections, Aregbesola expectedly should be grateful to God and Asiwaju

Oyetola and Aregbesola Praying

Recently, a video emerged bearing testimony of how Asiwaju mobilized Prof. Osinbajo the current Vice President to the UK to hire fingerprint experts so as to build a excellent case against PDP electoral malpractices. Huge sum was dispatched to achieve this sting operation of removing Prince Oyinlola (the declared winner of the election) out of Abere, the Seat of Power in Osun state

Mr. Rauf Aregbesola is a senior Minister in the current APC government, I’m sure this would not have being, if he had remained the generator repairer he was in Alimosho area of Lagos state before destiny led him to Asiwaju who reshaped his story
By any definition Asiwaju is Aregbesola’s destiny helper.


For the sake of argument let’s say Asiwaju actually forced Oyetola the current Osun State Governor on him (Aregbesola) as his successor and Jagaban also sided with Oyetola against Aregbesola during their disputes. Is this enough for him to throw away everything that the Lion of Bourdilon has done for him and fight dirtily as he is doing?

Asiwaju was admitted in a UK Hospital after a knee surgery. Friends, even foes went there to wish him well but not Aregbsola, not even after his return to Nigeria. Such attitude violates what Islam teaches us. Aregbesola as a Muslim is expected to act according to the Quran and the Hadith.

Yoruba adage says “Nitori Ojo iponju lamafisore” (Favour counts in trouble times)

What i think gave Rauf such insolence is simply because Asiwaju brought him too close and he feels he has seen it all.
Aregbesola may have overpriced himself hence became too arrogant, he needs to retrace his steps or better still seek professional help, he need serious character management, because
If he continues on this path, he will self destruct.

By Ojogbon Yemi Onikosi