President Bill Clinton, the 42 President of the United States of America, was impeached as the by The House of Representatives for offences bordering on obstruction of justice and perjure.

The sex scandal between the President and the White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, became a matter of high wire intrigue and public interest because of the president’s inappropriate sexual behavior

Bill Clinton and Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo lives in different continents but they share same similarities. For a start , they are both orators, in fact in the act of public speaking they are so proficient that they arrest the minds of their audiences.

Secondly, both of them because custodians of public trust quite early in life.

Clinton was just forty six years when became the third youngest president in America. By the same token, Biodun in his early forties is founder and pastor of one of Nigeria’s fastest growing church

The two men faced the challenge of being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior and they were brought to the court of public morality

The recent allegation against Pastor Biodun by Busola Dakolo for acts which the accuser claimed happened twenty years ago has caused him to step down as the Senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly.

Granted that the right to institute crime proceedings is a right in perpetuity; it is never statute barred, she can raise the issue at any time as long as the accused is still alive.

However, I am inclined to argue that it is time we put a time limit to report criminal matters and prosecute criminal matters .

Please, this should not be interpreted to mean that I have accepted the allegations as true and correct, but it has seriously got me thinking why a person should wait for twenty years before complaining of a wrongdoing to her.

Would the allegations against Bill and Pastor Biodun have received so much public interest if they were not holding public trust or alleged to be breached public fiduciary rules

Again the public space is awashed with the news of the arraignment of Senator Elisa Abbo on a one count charge of assault against a lady at a sex shop even though he later apologised after the public outcry.

All of the above cases goes to show that some modicum of morality is expected from public office holders as the penalties for breach is severe. If nobody talks about you,then you are no body.