Child abuse is a physical violence directed at a child, It can be any form of maltreatment by an adult to the minor ones. The act might be intentionally or it might result from unbearable human conditions like poverty, frustration, poor living condition, difficulty in solving problems and so on. This act is totally unacceptable as our society frawns at it in all ways, children should be disciplined but not abused or maltreated by anyone including their biological parent.

In the video above here is a man physically maltreating a child by hitting him with a leave stick in a very hard and aggressive manner that may lead to injuries for the child and aftect his or her future in various ways, due to this, child abuse is totally unacceptable and should not be encouraged, in the same vein the law should take it course on people like this man in the video above. What do you think? Kindly comment and share.