Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has said that constituency projects are an avenue for corruption. The former president said this during a forum tagged “Impact of Investing for Advancing Agricultural Economy and Innovation” in Niger state.

He said, “I hope our lawmakers will use their position and act positively so that when they put in road projects in the budget they will not turn it into what they now term as constituency projects.

“You and I know what constituency projects mean. It is simply corruption.”

The former President who has often at one time or the other had a run-in with law-makers both during his tenure as President and even after leaving office once previously described the federal lawmakers as a “bunch of corrupt elements”

At the forum which was organised as a way of encouraging investment in agriculture, the former president who is known as an industrious farmer said that agriculture is once means by which Nigeria can escape recession.

Obasanjo said “If there is anything that will take us out of recession, it is agriculture; that is the only renewable business we can do to give us all the job creation, wealth creation that we need”