Don’t get me wrong. No one is dismissing the virulence of the covid 19 parasite. It can be as lethal as it cares to be but that is not relevant at this moment. What is most relevant regarding this virus is an appraisal of its vulnerability. What are its weaknesses and how can this be effectively used against it?

Because if we can hurt it where it matters we can be free of its menace. Afterall we are humans pitched against a virus that has no brains. How come it has managed to drag us along in chains for so long?
If humans have been able to tame dangerous beasts, build complex cities, send satellites into the skies using our fantastic intellect why is a virus without a brain holding us down on the battlefield? We are either not applying our minds appropriately to the challenge or the virus has a hidden mind behind it that is controlling the plot. You decide.


1. Prevention (Prophylaxis)

Because the covid 19 virus first lodges in the upper part of the respiratory tract for at least 48 hrs before invading other parts of the body, steam inhalation done for 2 minutes twice a day should effectively denature the virus in this location. Since it is a protein strand, heat denatures the virus at about 56°C, hence a steam inhalation protocol would be very effective in killing the virus and combating its spread by reducing the number of hosts that will carry it within the community. There are case studies in which this form of prevention has had absolute success in protecting participants from the virus. yet no vigorous deliberate effort is being made by our governments to explore this approach and establish it as a viable protocol. Rather they tell us to observe measures which will eventually weaken us as a commune. Habits like social distancing and the wearing of masks whose quality and efficacy are not even regulated.

2. Treatment.

If a person is already infected by covid 19, we know that an inexpensive drug Ivermectin is very effective as part of the first line treatment protocol yet we don’t see governments and the WHO actively promoting its use.

These two protocols have been scientifically proven to be effective for the prevention and treatment of covid19 infection and adopting them should allow life to proceed as usual in a very short time without subjecting humanity to the crippling measures that are being promoted by our governments. These and other viable methods are simply being ignored by our governments because they are not interested in solving this covid problem in the best way possible. They are hellbent on pursuing only one goal – The vaccine agenda. I wonder what’s in it for them; dont you,?

Let us imagine your house is burning. Would you ignore or obstruct those who bring water to assist you ? Would you subject each source of water to laborious analysis while insisting that only the fire brigade may solve the problem and that everyone must wait for them? Would you do this even though the chemical the fire brigade intends to use on the fire has not been proven to be effective against fire or even safe for the environment?
This is what our governments are doing in this covid drama. They have technically underserved, obstructed or paid mere lip service to many potential simple solutions on offer in order to pursue their vaccine goal. They are hellbent on implementing the vaccine agenda even though its efficacy and safety are unconfirmed and shrouded in disturbing controversy.
Because of its expense profile and the serious health hazard it poses, vaccines should be the absolute last resort in addressing this covid issue. Apart from the poignant fact that the efficacy of a vaccine against a mutating RNA virus like the covid19 is very questionable, its safety is also very doubtful. The vaccines being promoted have not been subjected to proper safety protocols and what is even more disturbing is that the various manufacturers have been indemnified against any damages their cocktails may cause to the unfortunate recipients.
What is the rationale behind the urgent adoption of potentially harmful vaccines when safer alternatives remain unexplored?
There are many safer, cheaper and more effective approaches that are being quietly ignored by our global governments, yet they deem it appropriate to rush vaccines to the forefront as if there is an emergency that warrants its immediate use.
The fact that this virus is invisible and difficult to tract makes it imperative that we learn to live with it in the least injurious manner and the safer, cheaper protocols described above are a better choice than any vaccine protocol.
By choosing vaccines over safer, more appropriate options, goverments have expressed their bias for the vaccine and a lack of empathy for the welfare of the people.

Most covid deaths are avoidable but in a system that seems hellbent on sacrificing people in a bid to justify and achieve a vaccine agenda, what we are seeing is not surprising.
Governments and their cohorts appear to be insidiously blocking the advancement of many possible prophylactic measures and the treatment being given in hospitals may not be the right one either because the more casualties they record the better for the agenda.
Something fishy is going on and our governments are suspect.

Dr. Wale Sodade, South Africa

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