A mild drama ensued in the office of Ondo State Deputy Governor, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, when some workers allegedly bursted into celebration upon hearing the impeachment process of the deputy Governor by the State House of Assembly.

Ondo State House of Assembly had on Wednesday begun the process of removing Aiyedatiwa.

The House accused the embattled deputy governor of being involved in some acts of gross misconduct while in office as the acting governor.

To this end, at the plenary session on Wednesday, they directed the Clerk of the House, Mr Benjamin Jaiyeola, to communicate to Aiyedatiwa the allegations levelled against him.

Report says when the news of Aiyedatiwa impeachment broke on Wednesday, some workers in the office bursted into celebration.

In a surprising turn of events at the office, staff were overheard chanting expressions of relief such as “Hallelujah” and “At last,” while exchanging hugs to mark the anticipated departure of their principal who is currently out of Ondo State.

A staff member, who spoke under the condition anonymity, described the Deputy Governor’s administration of the office as lackluster.

She expressed their collective relief, stating, “We are rejoicing because this office has been at a standstill. Nothing progresses here.

“The Deputy Governor allegedly monopolises all the operational funds intended for this office, even neglecting to allocate money for basic necessities like paper.

“He appropriates our allowances and spends them on a whim. We reaped no benefits under his administration. It seems he took great delight in spending our allowances. He doesn’t care about our welfare at all. We see this development as a relief.

“We are however concerned that most of us will be moved out of the office when the process of his impeachment is completed being the norm in the Civil Service. It is just unfortunate, he said.

Another member of staff, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity said “Our excitement over his impending impeachment is palpable. We wholly endorse it. It’s disheartening how he has managed this office. We’ve been demoted to beggars here. Therefore, the impeachment proceedings are indeed welcome.”