It was 1890….

A small town behind Ilobu called Ile Aro was surprised and taken by the Ilorins. When the news reached Akintola (then an Are-agoro of Ibadan and son of Balogun Ibikunle nicknamed Kiniun Onibudo) at Ilobu he quickly marched out, gave chase, and intercepted them as they were returning with captives and booty. It was on this occasion that a single combat was fought between the champion lancers of the two armies which recalled similiar warfare of ancient times.

The two famous horsemen of both armies here met for the first time. Nasamu, nick-named “Gata-Ikoko” of whom we have heard as the captor of Enimowu at Erin, the most famous of the Ilorin horsemen on his famous war steed named from its color “Arasi”, here met with Latunji, surnamed “Okiti kan”, of whom we have heard as the rescuer of his cousin Chief Akintola at Ile Ife when entrapped in an ambuscade, on his favorite war steed named “Nasankore”.

Both of them had heard of each other’s fame and exploits on various battlefields, and had been longing to meet each other in a trial of valor. They now accosted each other, “Is that you?” “Is that you?” and then the single combat began according to their accepted rules, with spear on either side, and the hosts on both sides stood holding their breath, and watching these two chiefs of strength.

The combat lasted for a long time, which shows they were equally matched; but by a skillful turn Nasamu with his spear knocked Latunji’s spear off his hand, and then went about to throw him off his horse and spear him on the ground, when Latunji hastily whipped out his revolver from his side and wounded Nasamu in the right hand, causing the spear to fall off his hand. With the left, Nasamu gathered up his reins, put spurs to his horse and escaped: the Ilorins with one accord gave way and were hotly pursued  and badly beaten, all their captives and booty being recovered.