Who are Asake and Fireboy and why are they in the top spots in Nigeria? These two great singers have created a new single that has caused a great sensation in Nigeria and other countries. They released Bandana, this new single was released thanks to the collaboration of Fireboy DML and Asake. Both are partners in the record label with which they work. This song has been so successful that it is currently positioned as the number 1 song in Nigeria. It has caused such a sensation that everyone listens to it constantly. Not only the song but also the video has caused a great furor.


Last week, a wave of comments and happiness was unleashed when something unexpected was announced. After five consecutive weeks with the same song at number one, it was reported that a song dropped to #2 last week. Nigeria’s top 100 received a #1 entry for a song that not many expected. This position has been taken by the single Bandada, removing Asake’s single “Terminator”.

Terminator recorded the sixth week at #1 followed by the 7-week reign of “Buga,” a Tekno song by Kizz Daniel, which was the longest #1 song of 2022. Currently, the number three spot goes to the producer, songwriter, and singer Pheelz with the song “Electricity” for the second week in a row.


We all started to ask ourselves this since the songs started playing constantly on the radio. In early 2022, everyone was wondering who he was and when he came out. However, nowadays everyone is a fan of Asake and it seems that day by day they don’t get tired of him and all the good he is achieving.

Asake’s real name is Ahmed Olalode Asake. He was born on January 13, 1995, into a Yoruba Muslim family in the country of Nigeria. His success started in countries like Omo Ope and Sungba. His debut album was released on September 8, 2022, titled Mr. Money. This album was received with great praise. Its 12 tracks were well-received and loved by the public. This album went so far that it debuted at number 66 on the Billboard 200 album chart.


Fireboy DML’s name is Adedamola Adefolahan. This artist is known because he composes, and he is also a Nigerian rapper. This singer is young and at just 26 years old he is topping the best music charts. Two years ago, in 2020, his song Jealous was nominated for song of the year at the MVP awards. These games were aired on Soundcity TV channel in Nigeria. This singer, with his short career, has taken his musical career to the international, British, and even American environments.

This singer has released several singles that have been ranking on the top charts in Nigeria and other countries. His works have been exceptional work thanks to the fact that his themes combine love and social problems. This singer is immersed in Afropop.

How are the positions in the Nigeria Top calculated?

They use a charting methodology provided by Turntable Charts to generate the Nigeria Top 100. This generally uses a weighted formula. This formula incorporates all kinds of reproductions of the songs within the country. That is, the audio and video transmissions that are constantly being reproduced are incorporated. In addition, radio transmissions and satellite relay transmissions are incorporated.

This list is the only list that has standard music in Nigeria. It is the first list in the country that allows for a comprehensive musical activity because it is based on real and reliable data. This allows the #1 song in the country to be recognized. Thus, how it was dimensioned that the song Bandana is positioned in the #1 position.



As we already mentioned, this single is at the top of the charts. People are fascinated by this music video and the kind of songs they are putting out. Bandana currently has approximately 4.54 million views which positions him at Number 1 in streaming. In addition, the reach it has had on the radio is 65.7 million views. This puts Bandana at number one on the radio. In addition, he has 11.5 million on TV. Practically, on TV it was positioned at #5.

    Terminator – Asake

In the number 2 position, it was also taken by Asake. This song has something very curious since it was positioned in second place in the three channels; transmission, radio, and television. So much so, that Terminator is at number 2 on the list that is combined for airplay behind Bandana. Terminator has positioned itself as the most-played song on all payment platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify. However, Bandana has surpassed it on each of the platforms that are free and also, on all of the paid ones.

    Electricity- Pheelz ft. David

Debuting at number three is the Pheelz and Davido song. This song called Electricity has been positioned in the Top 3 of the 100 in Nigeria. This song is also #3 on streaming and airplay.

  For My Hand- Burna Boy ft. Ed Sheeran

This song was created by Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran. For my Hand moves on from 7-4 after debuting at #1 in its first week on the chart.


The songs that have recently charted in the Top 100 in Nigeria are Afropop songs that have endeared themselves to listeners. All this has allowed singers like Asake, Fireboy, Arya, among others to win the hearts of people. Fireboy and Asake’s songs have had a very good run and will continue to do so.