After the victory of Asiwaju, Olayinka Quadri Masomo (Kura) called me on phone and narrated one of the reasons he and other Nollywood stars love Asiwaju.

He narrated: In 2017, after the death of Moji Olaiya in Canada, they tried to solicit fund to assist the family of Moji in bringing her corpse and her daughter to Nigeria.

This took some of them to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Asiwaju granted them audience and sympathised with the Nollywood family. Then, Tinubu asked what their need was to facilitate her burial.

Yinka Quadri, speaking on behalf of other Nollywood stars present (Ronke Oshodi Oke and two others), said he narrated all they wanted to do. Asiwaju asked, “what is the cost implication of everything”. They told him, between 10 and 15 thousand dollars (about 5 to 7 million naira).

Asiwaju told them the money might not be enough. Asiwaju had to double it and made it 30 thousand dollars (About 15 million naira). He gave them the money instantly. And the money was judiciously used for the purpose it was meant for.

The corpse of Moji Olaiya and her daughter were brought to Nigeria and she was buried according to the dictates of her religion.

The ace Nollywood Star further said, “Ibrahim, that money was just a tip of the iceberg. Asiwaju has done a lot for us in the film industry. May God bless him.

Written by Adejare Ibrahim