Kenechukwu Eze, a murder suspect arrested by the Police in connection with the killing of Emmanuel Agundu, the Chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Udenu branch has confessed that he killed the lawyer because of an internet fraud deal gone wrong.

According to Kenechukwu, the NBA chairman had been killed after he decided to sit on the proceeds of an online fraud deal totalling N18 Million that they had paid into his account.

Kenechukwu said, “I didn’t know the lawyer in person, but one of our members brought him to join us in the business. His job was to supply a bank account to pay the money we realised into.

“So, we paid a total of N18m into the account he supplied and when we asked him to provide the money, he rebuffed us. Instead of making the money available for us to share according to our agreed formula, he started threatening to report the matter to security agents. That was why we decided to end it once and for all.”

“I was arrested because of the death of that lawyer that we did a fraudulent transaction together. He spent N18m and was killed because of that. The person, who shot him, is already in prison. We were five in number; Emmanuel Ebonyi, one Valentine and his younger brother, Agundu and I.”

“It was an online business, but the barrister supplied the account that we paid into. We paid a total of N18m into his account and he kept all the money.”