The reduction of the JAMB cut-off marks to 120 has been roundly denounced by the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS).

According to Mr Chinonso Obasi, the President of NANS the reduction of the cut-off mark was an encouragement for students to become lazy.

He said, “If over the years, students were able to work hard to meet cut off points, it does not make any logical sense to now lower the standard.

“The inability of any student to meet the cut-off points is a function of outright indolence that should not be encouraged.

The NANS President said there was currently a predominant impression that Nigerian graduates were not employable, hence reducing the cut-off marks for admission would only worsen this impression.

Mr. Chinonso said “The general impression is that Nigerian graduates are not employable; therefore, lowering of standard will translate to a disastrous outcome in the future by churning out young people who cannot fit into the demands and expectations of the 21st century.

“Nigerian youths are intelligent and willing to learn but because of the enabling environment provided by tertiary institutions abroad, Nigerian students who attend school abroad always break records”

According to the NANS President, rather than creating a policy that would lower standards, the relevant bodies formulating educational policies should rather look at ways by which they could improve the educational system such that learning would be functional and would groom individuals who are able to compete well with their counterparts around the world.