The United States Consul-General, Mr. John Bray has disclosed that the U.S is planning to build a new Consulate at the Eko Atlantic City.

According to him, about 1,000 hectares of land has already been acquired at the Eko Atlantic City for this purpose. was to afford Nigerians better and more accessible services.

He said “What we currently have as a Consulate General was constructed in the ’70s. So, we have acquired a land in Eko Atlantic City to build a new Consulate, better and more accessible to Nigerians and others coming to visit for visas and other services.”

Speaking further, Mr. John Bray said the Eko Atlantic City was selected for its world-class infrastructure and he stated that the Consulate is committed to working with Nigerians in providing opportunities for economic and development in Lagos.

He said the American government was proud to be participating in the Eko Atlantic City project and the new Consulate would help to build on the existing good relationship between Nigeria and the United States of America