The Lesotho Branch of the Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) recently sent a congratulatory message to Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa on her appointment and confirmation as chairperson of Nigeria Diaspora Commission (NDC)

In a statement signed by the General Secretary of the NIDO Lesotho Branch, the message read as thus.

“We, executive and membership of NIGERIANS IN DIASPORA ORGANISATION (NIDO), Lesotho, congratulate Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa on her appointment and confirmation as chairperson of Nigeria Diaspora Commission (NDC).”

“Your appointment is a move in the right direction considering your experience as an adviser to the president on diaspora affairs for many years. We hope your arrival on the scene will bring more needed sanity to diaspora administration both home and abroad.”

“It is not a secret that Nigerians are facing a lot of persecutions all over the world now than ever before. NIDO Lesotho’s programmes are tailored to address these and other problems of misconceptions about Nigerians. Most economies in different subsectors in Africa and developed countries are run directly or indirectly by Nigerians.”

“We have more positive characters than negative ones and we can draw on this to change our image.”

“I hope your office will make use of organised NIDO groups world-wide to help achieve your commission’s objectives. Some of your leading objectives should be: diaspora census, effective consular services, resettlement schemes, investment drive and diaspora voting, but to mention a few. There are many successful Nigerians abroad who can make a difference by contributing to Nigeria development through well-coordinated strategies.”

In the congratulatory message, Lesotho NIDO branch also enjoined Nigeria to “make good use of all professionals and entrepreneurial personalities that abound in diaspora. NIDO Lesotho promises you its unalloyed support that may be needed to achieve your commission goals.”

The Lesotho Branch of NIDO which also recently held its 4th General Elections, had the following individuals elected as members of its executive committee:

President                      Dr. Olufemi Fatoye
V.President 1                 Mr. Sunny Onyeanwu
V.President 2                 Mr. Val Ngerem
General Secretary          Mr. Abiola Akintunde
Asst General Secretary   Mr. Joshua Achor
Financial Secretary         Mrs. Juliet Onubi
Treasurer                       Dr. Okpara
PRO                               Mr. Christopher Chinagorom