Prince Ade Omole with Speaker Hon. Gbajabiamila and others

The Nigeria Diaspora Voting Council, NDVC, has further rekindled hope in the possibility of its advocacy seeing the light of the day. This is coming on the heels of the latest update from the National Assembly (NASS) that the Joint National Assembly Committee on Constitution Review has almost concluded its work on the much-talked-about Nigeria Diaspora voting Bill amongst other crucial amendment bills. The report of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee will be laid on the floor of NASS any moment from now, hopefully before December 2021.

Nigerians will recall that the Nigeria Diaspora Voting Council, NDVC has done a lot in its advocacy for Diaspora voting (DV) in recent years.

Stakeholders, have at various times, thrown their weight behind the Nigeria Diaspora voting bill while the NDVC, has done so much to propagate the need for DV for Nigerians living outside the shores of the country.

The Diaspora Voting Bill when passed into law will enable Nigerians in the Diaspora to cast their votes from their countries of residence without having to go through the rigour of travelling down to Nigeria to exercise their franchise.

It will be a great milestone in the political annals of Nigeria and the 9th Assembly would have put its footprints on the sands of time.

Upon passage of the bills contained in the committee’s report, the constitutional amendment bills would be transmitted to the State Houses of Assembly by the Clerk of the National Assembly for their concurrence.

The Nigeria Diaspora Voting Council, NDVC, will not rest on its oars until the Diaspora Voting Bill gets presidential assent as it believes the race is not for the feeble-minded but the strong-willed.

The Chairman of the Council, Prince Ade Omole expressed his appreciation to all stakeholders who have been part of the advocacy till this moment. He is optimistic that Diaspora Voting Bill is a doable project.

In the interim, all hands remain on deck to ensure DV becomes a reality in Nigeria.

The press release was signed by the Secretary, Nigeria Diaspora Voting Council (NDVC), Tolu Oluwatuyi Esq.