In a football match the possible outcomes are mutually exclusive namely, a win, a lose-or where the contestants are of equally strength – a draw.

Adopting Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s thesis, Nigeria is a mere geopolitical expression as it is a term that differentiates people within the country from that of other countries.

So, Nigeria is a country state and the people that live within her geographical areas are Nigerians.

Sadly, the expectations that the state – Nigeria – and the people – Nigerians – will work harmoniously for the economic upliftment of her citizens is defeated in her own case

The good thing is that the state is so endowed with natural resources and simultaneously, the the people are also so endowed in human capacities.

Ordinarily therefore a positive synergy of both should translate into prosperity for both parties.

Unfortunately that has not been the case. The people are working against the state and by the same token, the state against the people.

One area where this is pronounced is in public sector procurement. Contract cost in Nigeria are indecently inflated by unscrupulous Government officials. At other times state officials collude with foreigners to misappropriate the nation’s resources.

Crude oil theft has been ongoing in Nigeria for some considerable time now. This illegality effectively shortchange the nation of investable funds.

Even where the funds are available – because of the lack of accountability, rule of law, independence of the judiciary – the monies are misapplied on inflated project or even out-rightly stolen.

Received from Ghana and Egypt are the cheering news that Ghana will be constructing over 300 kilometers of railway line at a cost far cheaper than what it cost Nigeria to put in place 150 kilometers of railway line from Lagos to Ibadan. Even if we make a lot of deductibles for the design, bridges and gauge; the pricing of the railway is according to informed opinion still exorbitant.

In the same vein, Egypt achieved an exponentially increment in her electricity supply. Nigeria has spent far more money with no meaningful improvement, about 16 billion United States Dollar was alleged spent by regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

From the foregoing, Nigeria is suffering from inherent contradiction and the solution to our problems can be obtained in house.

Everything or almost everything is now laced with ethnic, tribal or religious coloration which is dangerous. The issues of the RUGA settlement has been topical lately. It goes to show that the people do not trust the government or some skeptics are simply mischievous.

Where would Nigeria have been if it had the good fortune of her citizens playing for her and not against her. Undoubtedly, it would have become a first world country.This is because a proper husbandry of her endowment and humanities would defeat any opposition to development.

Unless and until Nigeria and Nigerians are playing on the same side the chances of development will be far-fetched.