Nigerian governors, according to human rights lawyer Mike Ozekhome, are like bandits.

Mr. Ozekhome said at the ‘Ladi Adebutu Good Governance Symposium’ in Abeokuta on Thursday, “Governors, like bandits, routinely waylay council allocations from Abuja.”

He accused the governors of impoverishing rural residents, and he blamed them for the lack of growth at the grassroots.

Nigeria, he claims, has a “suffocating system” as a result of the 1999 Constitution, which he calls a “false document from the bottom of hell,” and calls for its replacement.

Mr Ozekhome declared that Nigeria, as a nation, could be divided if those in authority did nothing to change the current things.

“I agree that Nigeria should stay together as one country, but, please, if we must be together as one country, we must re-negotiate the terms. It must be under agreed terms. That is where a constituent of people’s assembly comes up.

“The National Assembly members are afraid; they want to amend. Can you amend a bad document? Even if you give it one million amendments, it cannot solve our problems,” he argued.

“So, they can therefore make a law using section 4, promulgating constituents of the people. That same law provides a referendum. The National Assembly is saying it cannot give a new constitution. It can facilitate and midwife under section 4.

(Culled from Daily Times)