Northern leaders from the Peoples Democratic Party are on a collision course with Governor Ayo Fayose over his ambition of getting to Aso Rock.

The PDP Northern leaders at a meeting called by Prof. Jerry Gana, a former Minister of Information in Nigeria, the Northern leaders emphasized that the party’s position was clear on where the Presidency for the party had been zoned to ahead of 2019.

According to Prof. Gana, irrespective of the Governor Fayose’s declaration that he was going to contest for the Presidential ticket, the party’s candidate would come from any of the three zones in the North.

Gana said, “I want to appeal to you to give to the party the very best in the positions that have been zoned to us. Let us therefore give to the party, men and women of impeccable integrity”

“Whatever the Fayoses of this world may be doing, the party has resolved that the presidential candidate will come from one of the three zones in the North.”

Dr. Bello Haliru, a former acting National Chairman of the PDP, while speaking said the issue of zoning and rotation was something the PDP prided itself on and anyone trying to disrupt such a system should be duly sanctioned.

Dr. Bello said “Zoning and rotation are part of the PDP constitution. We must adhere to them if we are to keep this party alive. There are people who are bent on contesting whether the office is zoned to their place or not. We must discuss with the South, so that anybody who goes against zoning can be punished.

According to him, opportunity should not be given to people to come to the PDP convetion to make a fool of themselves or to ridicule the party

He said, “We cannot afford to have people come to the convention and make a fool of themselves and ridicule the party.”