A member of the People’s Democratic Party, Timothy Osadolor, has reacted to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu speech over his decision to remove fuel subsidy usually policy in Nigeria.

Osadolor, who is the Deputy National Youth Leader of the People’s Democratic Party, called on the President to apologies immediately to Nigerians over what he regarded as hardship that they suffered in the eight years regime of the former President, Muhammadu Buhari. In a statement signed by Osadolor on Monday night, he said, “Nigeria as a country was in gloom, notwithstanding the fact that power has been transferred. Nigerians do not know if to cry, weep, heap a sigh of relief or be happy. True to type, the leader of the party that brought Nigerians and Nigeria to her knees did not disappoint in his first public speech as the pronounced President of the Federal Republic when he recklessly dismissed fuel subsidies without a framework. As we speak, queues are gathering in filling stations and many dealers have closed shops while trying to understand what Sen Tinubu’s statement means for their business. As if the eight grilling and nauseating years of the Buhari presidency is not enough; Tinubu on day one continued from where his predecessor stopped. It is an open secret that most Nigerians that survived the regime are asking for certificates of survival.”