The National Chairman, Caretaker Committee, PDP, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi has said that his PDP does not wish ill for the President.

According to Makarfi, the president requires the prayer and support of all citizens as the leader of the country. However, he said the PDP would also strive to play the role of a responsible opposition party and keep the president on his toes.

The PDP Caretaker Committee Chairman said this while at attending a meeting where President Buhari had invited all political parties in the country to, in Abuja yesterday 25th August, 2017.

Makarfi further assured the President of his party’s cooperation.

He said “We assure you of our cooperation as much as the opposition can possibly give to enable you give your best in the process of navigating the ship of our state to a better tomorrow.

“We are glad to note that already the legislators of our party are cooperating with those of the majority party in both arms of the National Assembly to ensure a smooth legislative sail for the system.

“We are also proud of the contributions of our governors to the deliberations and other activities of both the National Council of State and the National Economic Council”

Senator Ahmed Makarfi also said the PDP was ready to offer its support to the President Buhari’s administration’s fight against corruption.

Markarfi said “We also offer our support for the fight against corruption and appeal that the institutions saddled with this onerous task be given the necessary encouragement and independence to do the right thing.

“This will help in further strengthening our institutions and insulating them from undue political interferences. It will also help to give them a more credible outlook in the eyes of the public.

“There is no way we can have a respectable voice in the comity of civilized nations until we rebuild our institutions and imbue them with the necessary independence and confidence.

“This will improve both their visage and standing with the citizenry”