Senator Stella Oduah, representing Anambra North Constituency has said the People’s Democratic Party has not learnt from its previous errors and was not addressing concerns raised on the imposition of candidates.

She said “If the party fails to address these concerns it means the party has not learnt its lessons.

“I wish the party will revisit and address all concerns because when people are aggrieved and you are not concerned about those grievances, you are saying two things: “go to hell” and “there is nothing you can do about it”.

According to her she was still waiting for the party to shed light on the conduct of its primary elections for the Anambra State Governorship primaries.

Oduah said “I am still waiting for the party to address the concerns and the issues that I raised, the party constitutions clearly stated how primary elections ought to be conducted.’’

She further said a process that disenfrachised party members and imposed candidates was a process with a hole in it.

She said “Mine was very clear. I raised the alert when defects were noted.’’

“It will be illegal and unjust to follow it to the end, it is like knowing that a hole is somewhere then you are blindly walking into it.

“Anything unjust is totally unacceptable to me and that is where we are now, waiting for the party to address those concerns”