Depending on contexts he above can be false or true. However, in the contexts at which former Senator Babafemi Ojudu said the above I observe that it is not only false but it is as well immoral and it reflects highest form of betrayal. No matter how numerous Asiwaju properties must have been selling one to cater for a Ojudu’s financial problems is not only commendable but also it is instructive. It shows affection and loyalty. *Oore pe asiere gbagbe* (apologies to non Yoruba speakers)

Judging mainly from what he posited in his infamous piece he acknowledged generosity of Asiwaju but alas tacitly smear reputation of the same man by alluding to Asiwaju preference of Olu Falae to Bola Ige in 1999 presidential election. To me this is perhaps the main reason of writing the piece. He sought to paint Asiwaju black in the eyes of the Awoists.

But, Egbon Ojudu has forgotten that he is a Yoruba man. *”Oore kiise ifa”* so says a Yoruba adage which simply translate *You shouldn’t take favours for granted*. Evidently Bros Ojudu has taken numerous favours done to him by Asiwaju for granted.

The piece also reflect core character of the writer. It shows that Egbon is in dire need of rehabilitation and political panel eating of course he consider hanging on to Prof. Osinbajo bid as a sure path to achiéve this. Contratry to what he wanted us to believe that he decided not to support Asiwaju aspiration out of principle. Which principle if I may ask? Anyone who pay close attention to Ekiti current political structuring will agree with me that Ojudu needed to be rehabilitated political. He is not a factor in his place of origin Ado-Ekiti not even within his ancestral neighborhood. Mr. Ojudu is politically stranded. He is desperate and he is in urgent need of rescue.

The unspoken sin committed by Asiwaju was his refusal to support Ojudu gubernatorial bid in Ekiti State. Unknown to many Ojudu is a professional Con man, pathetic ingrate and also political neophyte. I am aware of millions of Naira spent on him by a diasporan in the last election. Ojudu had approached some Nigerians staying abroad for financial support of which he was obliged and some Millions of Naira were given to him. Ojudu dropped out of that election without recourse to these people. This is a clear case of lack of integrity and probity.

One good thing about this piece is that it has revealed where he belongs. I urge all progressives and BATists to bookmark and archive it. It is a good receipt that must be kept safely.

2023 Elections will come and go but regardless of who wins Ojudu will forever be regarded as an ingrate and serial political fraud.

My advice to Prof. Osinbajo is that he should watch his back. Never sleep with Ojudu in a room with his two eyes closed. Politics is a science of war and conflict management to navigate through it a political leader require services of trusted allies. This is a major quality Mr. Ojudu Babafemi lacks.

By Moshood Wasiu Abiola