This is a very important and unfortunate development. NIGERIANS HAVE BEEN TAKEN FOR A RIDE FOR TOO LONG.


So many complaints on social media especially Facebook on stamp duty deductions and this was mainly Access Bank customers, the bank agreed to refund the deductions to their various customers. This is just to prove that Access bank have humbly conceded to the complaint of its numerous customers about unwarranted and inexplicable deductions of stamp duty charges from their accounts.

This unacceptable and nostalgic behaviour hit the airwaves about 2 weeks ago. The heat from the furore that followed is unbelievable, because the crime is monumental. For the first time, I am seeing Nigerians come together to protest official stealing of their money. The mode can best be described as brazen and reckless.

Access bank must explain to Nigerians and the government in particular why they are acting in haste. I’m coming to explain further on this.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as am composing this write-up, right now, at this moment, The Federal Government of Nigeria through FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Service) is LIVE ON CHANNELS TV doing The inauguration of FIRST AUDIT AND RECOVERY OF BACK YEARS OF STAMP DUTY. It is basically saying that some banks and MDAs of government have not remitted STAMP DUTY CHARGES to Federal government of Nigeria since 2016 and probably farther than 2016.

This is not to say Access Bank is culpable because that would be prejudicial. Unfortunately, the recent actions of Access Bank raises a lot of suspicions. I will borrow the Yoruba saying “THE WITCH CRIED YESTERDAY NIGHT, THE CHILD DIED TODAY, WHO DOES NOT KNOW THAT THE WITCH THAT CRIED IS THE KILLER OF THE CHILD”. Let’s go further.

That this the inauguration of THE SAID AUDIT is made LIVE on CHANNELS TV i believe is delibrate because government need to let Nigerians know. I believe it is for this reason the initiative was given so much prominence. That is to say the Nigerian government is now going after people and organisations that has stolen stamp duty charges deducted from Nigerians.

My people, I foresee a lot of drama in the coming days.

Let me go back to first paragraph of PART 2 above. For me, it will not be out of place to suspect that Access Bank have insider information about the impending FIRS AUDIT AND RECOVERY OF BACK YEAR OF STAMP DUTY. Therefore, they have to rush at their customers for frivolous deductions in order to shore up funds ahead of the impending fines and refunds. Apparently because they might have been eating up the deductions since 2016 or earlier. THIS IS MY SUSPICION. Unfortunately for them, customers cried out.

How on earth can a bank be so reckless to imagine that thousands of customers will keep mute while being fleeced.

Nigerians keep watch, be vigilant.

1. Access bank must refund all unscrupulous deductions as promised to its customers.
2. Access Bank must present a proof of their STAMP DUTY PAYMENT TO FIRS since deductions started. This is necessary to convince their customers that they are still reliable and trustworthy as a banker in Nigeria.

3. ACCESS BANK, IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO REFUND THE WRONG CHARGES. The MD and Board of Directors of Access Bank must do a live press conference to apologise to customers. THEY MUST PAY INTEREST ON ALL MONIES DEDUCTED.

1. Let us be vigilant because Access Bank cannot be alone in this unacceptable and unscrupulous behaviour.

All!!! watch out and be vigilant with your own bank because others banks cannot be absolved until proven otherwise.

2. Officials of FIRS with the responsibility for collecting Stamp Duty but kept quiet since 2016 must tell us what they know. There must have been some insider connivance for this crime to perpetuate for so long. Otherwise how can Federal Inland Revenue Service explain this crime.

3. FIRS we are watching, NIGERIANS BE VIGILANT, no escape for any of the Directors and heads of MDA implicated in this.J

Jide King, writes from Ibadan, Oyo State.