The Senate President Bukola Saraki made this disclosure while addressing a forum organised by News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday.

According to him, he said he wrote a formal letter to the Kwara state government to stop the payment of the pension. He said his decision was influenced by complaints
that former governors who are now currently senators or ministers were receiving pension and salary in their new jobs, all from the government.

He said “I’m not collecting pension; the moment I saw that allegation, I wrote to my state to stop my pension,”

The Senate President however stressed that he was speaking for himself alone, while for others he said “I think I will leave everybody to their individual decision…Morally, if you have got another job, you should give it up until when you are truly a pensioner.”

He further said that the issue should be a matter easily resolved by the states. He said “Some of these oversights are not addressing the issues. What the states should do is to go and amend their laws to say that if you have another appointment then you are not entitled to that benefit.

“With this, we will just simplify the matter.”