In line with the visit and the heartbeat of Bill Gate, It is pertinent to appreciate him for not giving up on a nation as frustrating as Nigeria, well known for intentional philanthropism, rich in love for humanity, a non racist to the core. Thank you for your kind gesture and your contribution to our great country Nigeria.

Fellow Nigerians, we cannot put the new wine in the old wine skin says the Holy Bible. We have to put new wine into a new wine skin. What did I mean by this? A sizeable faction of our youths and parents in Nigeria need a new orientation and a renewed mindset. The way majority thinks in Nigeria is annoyingly absurd, so backward, evil, archaic, among many other adjectives that best suite those thoughts.

Our mindset is the first place we must all work upon if we truly desire a better tomorrow!

You can hardly see a Nigerian youth who is ready to serve faithfully without having his or her ulterior motives. Ever since I have been sharing my vision of resuscitating the glory of Nigeria by running for the office of the President of our dear nation, comments from the youths have been worrisome and unsatisfactory.

My inbox have been filled with statements like:
“aunty, good day, our time has come niyen oooo”
“if you get there, they will know that I have arrived.”
“Aunty, what will you give me when you get there”
“Aunty, I will so much make noise the whole world will know.”

The mindset is extremely corrupt that the young ones are not interested anylonger in what can be done for Nigeria but what they can get at the expense of others.

In ages past, all major changes that affected the history of different nations, all actions that began movements that drives socio-political changes, all gatherings that decided rallies and protest for the liberation of the people among others were all initiated from the minds of people who can identify their problems and unify their purpose in demanding or proffering solutions.

However, the decadence of the mindset of the majority in this part of the world has frustrated the efforts of capable individuals that are willing and ready to drive the change.

I expect the youths to come up with intellectual questions and interrogatory investigations geared towards identifying the motive of the candidate presenting him/herself for public office.

I was impressed by a young man who asked: “how do you want to take care of the masses, how do you intend to better the lives of average Nigerians, how do you want to keep fighting corruption?, how do you intend to get rid of godfatherism, how do you intend to change the way we play politics in Nigeria?” These are relevant questions that engage the candidates.

In respect to this, I will be publishing a monthly series of write-up titled: “A word to the mind”.

The fundamental problem to be addressed in Nigeria is the mind. A renewed mind is the initiator of change but it takes the cooperation of another prepared mind for exploit to take place.

Together, we can make Nigeria a nation we can be proud of again.

Thank you

Mrs Adebukola Adeleke Adunola

Chairperson, Women League

APC South Africa Chapter