TURKEY: Jamal Khashoggi, a fierce critic of the Saudi Arabian government, was last seen entering the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

SAUDI ARABIA: That’s not true. Khashoggi never visited our consulate.

(Next day, Turkey releases a CCTV video of Kashoggi entering the Saudi consulate)

SAUDI ARABIA: Okay, yes, he came to the consulate but left that same day.

TURKEY: Khashoggi never left the consulate alive. He was murdered inside the consulate.

SAUDI ARABIA: No, that’s not correct. How could we kill our own citizen inside our consulate? Khashoggi left the consulate that same day through the rear exit.

(Turkey releases an audio recording of the attack, murder and dismemberment of Khashoggi inside the consulate, and another CCTV video showing a body-double (look-alike) wearing Khashoggi’s clothes, departing the consulate through the back door)

SAUDI ARABIA: Ehm, okay, yes, there was an argument that degenerated into a fight inside the consulate. Yes, Khashoggi is dead but his death was an accident.

TURKEY: Khashoggi’s death was not an accident. It was a premeditated murder.

SAUDI ARABIA: No, we can swear on our honor that his death was not intended. It was an accident.

(Next day, Turkey releases another video showing the arrival of a team of 15 persons and their onward movement to the consulate. They came to Turkey from Saudi Arabia on private jets, for a special operation; to kill Kashoggi)

SAUDI ARABIA: No, Nobody sent them on a mission to kill Khashoggi.

TURKEY: That is not true. They came with the express instruction to kill Khashoggi.

(Turkey releases information on the 15 persons, showing they were agents of Saudi secret service and special force of the Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman. Mohammed Bin Salman has been the de facto ruler of the Islamic State since his aged father, the king, ceded power to him about two years ago. Now, among the 15-man hit squad was an autopsy expert who came with a bone saw machine)

SAUDI ARABIA: Okay, yes, they are our secret agents but the instruction was not to kill Khashoggi. They were only told to appeal to Khashoggi to return to Saudi Arabia, and if he refused, apply a little force and bring him with them back to Saudi Arabia.

TURKEY: We insist that Khashoggi’s murder was well planned days before the assassination. Now, where is his body?

SAUDI ARABIA; No, there was no plan to kill him. The body was given to a local Turkish accomplice to dispose of.

(Turkey releases another audio recording showing those 15 Saudi secret agents and two other persons discussing and fine-tuning strategies to kill Khashoggi, before he arrived the consulate)

SAUDI ARABIA: Nobody asked them to kill Khashoggi. They obviously exceeded their mandate.

TURKEY: Okay, who is the local accomplice you gave his body?

SAUDI ARABIA: No, the body was not given to any local accomplice. Sorry, that was an erroneous information.

(Two days later, Saudi Arabian chief prosecutor arrives Turkey on fact finding/investigation)

TURKEY: Where is the body of Khashoggi?

SAUDI ARABIA: Okay, you mean Khashoggi’s body? Yes, the body was given to a local collaborator.

TURKEY: But just a few days ago you said his body was not given to a local accomplice. Alright, who is the local Turkish accomplice?

SAUDI ARABIA:…….(silence). We invite you to Saudi Arabia. We shall disclose the identity of the accomplice when you come to Saudi Arabia.

TURKEY: Look, we put it to you that there is no such Turkish accomplice. The murder of Khashoggi was authorized from the highest level of the Saudi Arabian government, and his body was cut into pieces with the saw machine and disposed off in a manner that would permanently conceal the evidence.

SAUDI ARABIA: Never! That’s preposterous. Neither the king nor the Crown Prince was aware of the operation.

(Turkey releases the record of a phone call that was put across from the consulate straight to Saudi Arabia, immediately after Khashoggi was murdered. The call was made to the secretary to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, by one of the hit-men, saying; “Tell your boss that the deed has been done.”)

SAUDI ARABIA: ………..(silence) Well, we don’t know the “Boss” they’re talking about. The Crown Prince never gave the directive for the murder and dismemberment of Khashoggi. The suspects acted on their own.

TURKEY: The crime was committed on Turkish soil. We demand that you release the suspects to face interrogation and trial in Turkey.

SAUDI ARABIA: The government of Saudi Arabia totally condemn the killing of Khashoggi. We shall not shield the perpetrators from facing justice anywhere.

(Two days later)

TURKEY: We need you to release the suspects to us now so they can account for their crime.

SAUDI ARABIA: No, they are Saudi citizens. We are already investigating the matter. They will be tried in Saudi Arabia and punished according to Saudi Arabian laws.

TURKEY: Look! We insist that the 17 persons who carried out the operation did not act on their own. Justice will not be served in Saudi Arabia. Yes, the old king may not be in the know but the order for Khashoggi’s murder was obviously given at the highest level of Saudi Arabian government. If you are not releasing the suspects to us for prosecution, we demand a full blown independent international investigation, where we shall provide more evidence to back our claims.

SAUDI ARABIA: No, we are handling the matter, in line with Saudi Arabian procedures. In fact, we have concluded our investigation. Those 17 culprits will be punished. Five of them will be given the death sentence. Just leave the Crown Prince out of this. He did not order any person to kill anybody.

(A week later)

The American CIA confirms that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, actually ordered the assassination of the fearless Saudi Arabian journalist, Jamal Khashoggi.

SAUDI ARABIA: The CIA assessment is wrong. We reject it. The Crown Prince has nothing to do with the death of Khashoggi.

THE TRUTH V THE LIE: Which will prevail? The world is watching.