The middle class is the biggest problem of Nigeria.

Let me start like this: I have stayed away for a while, but while on the sideline I struggle to contain my emotions. The trigger today is a post by my friend Imal Emmanuel Silva on his Facebook page. So guys allow me to vent once again after a long while.

So Nigeria middle class. It is a pity that they are highly polarised along ethno religious sentiments. Nowadays, they have dominated the social media using it as a tool to spread venom and hatred, all they need is afford N1k ($2) worth of data, and they start heating up the polity.

This group of people are highly divisive in their views, often they see things through the lens of IPOB, Fulani Herdsmen and Amotekun.

The worst middle class are those belonging to the 3 major tribes in Nigeria. Their education does not teach them that the minority tribes exist in Nigeria. They have no idea that if all the minority languages in Nigeria are put together, their number will consume the three major tribes.

The biggest worry is that they have abused social media so much that the poor and vulnerable have been so swayed and misinformed, so much so that they now take sides and do idol worshipping of very ignorant persons pretending to be wise. And now those ones have taken sides with the supposed middle class that is expected to help solve problem because they should be the bridge builders between the rich; politicians playing feudal lords and the common, day to day people of Nigeria.

Dont get me wrong, within the Nigerian middle class, there exceptions no doubt because I see very intelligent and smart people but they are in the minority. Unfortunately, the problematic ones I’m so concerned with have become so vociferous and domineering. Foolishly very loud, ubiquitous like mosquitoes.

Therefore, for me the real work is how to re educate the middle class because many of them are dumb. This is because you see them speak big grammars, very rich in vocabulary. they brandish big degrees, they masquerade as professionals, when you engage many of them in matters that will move the nation forward, ooh you will see them faltering. That’s when they will remember the Fight between Zik and Awolowo in 1959, the civil war of 1967. They will twist the discussion to APC vs PDP… GEJ/PMB. Their next reference point will be the Hausa Fulani agenda to conquer the rest of Nigeria, they will present the scenario as if every other people are lame ducks. They will forget that the poverty in the North is same poverty in the south. They will forget that as you have Almajirai in the North of Nigeria, it is the same way you have “area boys” in Lagos, onyeburu in Onitsha and elsewhere in South. VERY NARROW MINDED GROUP OF GENTLEMEN.

You will be shocked how short their memory is, sometimes I call it “selective memories” because where in a particular instance the fault in a particular matter of discussion is from their cleavage, you will notice the pretence in them. At that point, to them such matter should be forgotten. They have no idea, they do not learn from history like the Rwandan Genocide. They are very parochial and narrow minded. They know how to read and write but very shallow in their thinking and lacking in wisdom

We are almost at breaking point. Something has to give, honestly right now I have no idea how it will happen but we cannot continue like this.

Pls share your thoughts on way forward.

Jide King, Nigeria.