My understanding of the situation is that unknown to most Nigerians APC has commenced a silent revolution in Nigerian politics. That is the new drive to minimise the element of God Fatherism in Nigerian politics. Unfortunately there is so much bitter politics nowadays in the land. There instead of embracing this change, the political competitors – I mean the cynics are more focused on hatred instead of analysing the emerging trend from a positive perspective and get wise support it.

If not, how does one describe the desperation of a Rochas Okorocha an outgoing governor of Imo State who has been fighting desperately to make his son inlaw the next governor of the state. This over ambition of his is a move that is against all democratic norms. Therefore, as a result of his failure to achieve this selfish desire, he has commenced a cheap blackmail of his party. Rochas Okorocha has been seen galivanting all over the place and threatening fire.

Same scenario is playing out in Ogun State with governor Ibikunle Amosun. Amosun in his own wisdom must install his Godson as the next governor of Ogun State against the popular choice of his party.

The Truth must be told, this will be the thinking behind discouraging “delegates voting” at party primaries. That is to say that the era of buying off all party delegatives before a primary election is going to become a thing of the past. Hitherto, delegates to party primaries are known, they are gathered in a room, then paid by God Fathers and money bags, and because they have paid, they will decide and instruct them on their own preferd candidate who must be voted for. So when you pay people to subvert the will of the lager majority all you have done is Clear vote buying. If u ask me it has no other name but Criminalilty.

Imagine, it is now virtually a norm and in practice it now establised that there is about 99% assurance that any former governor will automatically become a senator. It is for this reason that the Senate of Nigeria has been described as a “safe haven” for criminals… So said a wise man. All that has been as a result of an abused system that has indirectly disenfranchised the citizenry.

I appeal to all well meaning Nigerian to eshew bitterness and lets all rise up to support moves that is now confronting and dismantling “establishments”, alternatively known as “the status quo”. The perpetrators; the money bags… are anti democracy. Their wings must be clipped.

I give kudos to APC and in particular the Chairman Adams Oshiomole who is now spearheading the new way of doing things. Good things don’t come easy, he will be abused, insulted, castigated denigrated but he must not be deterred.

I admonish other parties in Nigeria to emulate this new ideology. I mean copy and paste with pride if need be. I am pleading because this is one of the main setback to the political development of our dear country NIGERIA.

These are my thoughts, and I stand firmly by this position.

God bless Nigeria….

Chief Jide King