Nigeria has the highest percentage of athletes declared ineligible to compete at the #Tokyo2020 Olympics due to failure to comply with OCT requirements: 43%.

Half-life of the entire contingent.

This shows the administrative disability of the Nigerian contingent .

Mr Sunday Dare , the current Minister of Sports is a National disgrace . A “non-peg” in a round hole !

Sunday Dare
Minister of Sports

I took a look at the website of the Nigeria Olympic committee . It hasn’t been updated since 2016.
What this means is that since Rio 2016 , there hasn’t been any planning or administration for the Nigerian Olympic team . Nothing !

Mr Habu Ahmed Gumel , the President of the NOC who is described as a Retired Chartered Engineer is a complete embarrassment.

Ibrahim Gusau has conveniently neglected to tell Nigerians that he and Sunday Adeleye (Athletics Federation of Nigeria ) signed a non-disclosure agreement with Puma, with the details unknown to the ministry and board members of the AFN and pocketed $2.7M .
Yes you read that right . The sum of Two million Seven hundred thousand Dollars .

They collected $2.7M from Puma for Team Nigeria’s kits at the Olympics .
These unfortunate people collected money and the athletes are not wearing Puma . Puma will sue the Athletics Federation of Nigeria and not them to get their money back.

It has never been this bad .

My advice to future Nigerian Olympians . Nigeria has failed you . It is time to come together and form the Naija Oympic Commitee .
This is using a legal loophole within the International Olympic committee framework where athletes can compete without representing a Nation .

Sitting behind the United States of America (with 59 medals as of last night) and China (51) in the total Olympic medal count is the athletic powerhouse ROC.

If you’ve never heard of ROC before, it doesn’t mean you’re bad at geography—it’s not a country.
It stands for the Russian Olympic Committee, a loophole that allows more than 330 Russian athletes to compete in the Olympics without representing the country itself.

That is what we will do .
We will call it NOC ( Naija Olympic Commitee)
The best of Nigeria ?? will go to the Olympics on their own , sign contracts on their own without being led by Clowns like Sunday Dare and Habu Gumel who are more focused on stealing government funds allocated to the Olympics .

Written by Olayinka Oluwakuse