UK, US and EU insincerity with Nigeria on the suspension of the CJN. Another attempt at sabotage.

US, UK & EU are not comfortable with the progress that Nigeria is making. Any good governance in Africa is obviously perceived as a direct confrontation of their exploitative tendencies, which in final analysis will translate into denying them exploitation the counties, Nigeria in particular.

They are the warehouse of all stolen wealth. So the steps to bring sanity to our judiciary will expose most of their inanities. This makes them uncomfortable. How do u explain the position they have taken on this particular national disgrace? They have to, by all means meddle in our courage to confront corruption headlong. God bless Mr President.

Watch out! As soon as it is obvious that Nigeria is not bulging, they will take another route…next they will increase the instigation of Boko Haram, next they will be somewhere fuelling herdsmen attack. Another moment u will start hearing of agitation in Niger Delta….they know about cross border banditory in Zamfara. They infiltrate our communities, set us against each other and cause mayhem. These countries usually operate as unseen hands.

They know clearly that if Nigeria is stable the exploitation will be over.

They know if Nigeria is stable the economy of UK may collapse.

Ask the question, what does UK give to Nigeria? Ask again, point at any made in UK product here in Nigeria… none. But we are always always struggling everytime to understand our balance of trade with them. It will never balance, we have always been at the trade deficit end but we cannot explain what we are buying.

Do you remember that the first offence of PMB administration was the banning of the importation of 41 items. That was a policy to reduce importation of items we can produce locally in order to reduce the pressure on the Naira against the dollar.

On the back of that policy the president refused to agree to devaluation of the Naira, believing that if Nigeria do less of importation of consumer goods the economy will be on quick recovery.

2nd offence was the alliance and collaboration with China to agree denomination of the Naira with the Chinese Yen instead of cross conversation to Dollar and Pounds sterlin before converting to Chinese Yen. These two policies was to help the economy of Nigeria but on the other hand will translate to less for UK and the US.

Unfortunately the unsuspecting opposition in Nigeria behave like they have been blindfolded. Hence pretend not to see the logic in those policies. We have no option, Africa and Nigeria should come together and fight this exploitation.

If you think I am telling lies, their modus operandi is clearly explained in the popular book THE CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HIT MAN…BY JOHN PERKINS.

Thanks and God bless Nigeria.

Written by:

Chief Jide King

Political and Economic Analyst