Nigeria is not at ease. Confusion reigns over the land and the people are unhappy. Never has the situation been as bad as what obtains in present day Nigeria.
In the midst of the trending apathy that surrounds the nation, a few minds are pondering how to sort out the gory mess we are wallowing in. Some have suggested restructuring while others prefer outright extraction from the rubble in order to start new communes. Oduduwa nation is one such group and so is Ipob.
The definitive leadership of either group has not yet been determined. That part will come later. Presently, the people at the helms of both groups are agitators and assumed brave men who have volunteered to serve the collective. They represent the boldness, courage and sacrifice which we have always sought but lacked within our commune in trying times like this.
Instead of aligning with their efforts and supporting them through our guidance, some of us prefer to pull them down.
Yet, after we’ve crucified them with our recriminations, we would likely end up bounded and weak, at the mercy of the enemy because no one else is ready to do what Igboho and his ilk are willing to do.

There is imminent threat to our existence as a commune. As talks of a jihadist attack fills the air, we cannot afford to sit back, fold our arms and ignore the noose thats insidiously thightening around our necks. We’ve got to actively engage the threat that confronts the collective. Igboho’s temprament matches that need so we must appreciate him. We must support his effort with other values that we may each have to share.


Sunday Adeyemo, aka Igboho Osa

This is not a time for feud, malice or discrimination. The commune is under threat. In order to survive we must all come together as one. Everyone has value to share. Everyone is as important to the plot as everybody else. We must all rally around Igboho at this time to ensure his safety and freedom.

The recent invasion of Sunday Igboho’s home by the Nigerian government is a flagrant act of terrorism. It is a shameful abuse of power and a despicable display of cowardice by an ignoble government.
While heavily armed bandits roam freely within our forests, killing, kidnapping, raping and maiming the people, the Nigerian government pretends not to notice their armed presence. Rather than challenge the bandits the government openly breaks bread with them. They encourage their activities and defend their presence. Yet, the same government has the audacity to arrest citzens for bearing arms procured to defend themselves against the same threats that the government refused to tackle.
This ignoble double speak that the Nigerian government applies towards the execution of state affairs has become a national blight which has long been endured by the people to our detriment and is a testimony that this charade called Nigeria needs to be dismantled and reset.

The cabal eronously labelled as government in Nigeria serves no purpose other than to bring ruins, suffering and pain upon the people.
Over the years they’ve legitimised the abuse of power and constructed a cage of despondency for the commune to wallow in.
Perhaps it is time Nigerians started questioning their own compliance with their false governance and the legitimized abuse of power that has entrenched itself into our culture and crippled our growth as a nation.
We tolerate values that do not empower us without concern for their long term consequences.
What happened to Igboho shouldn’t be condoned or ignored by anyone because what happened to Igboho, can happen to anyone.
Instead of sitting back and pretending that Igboho’s plight is not our burden to bear like we did when Fela was subjected to similar abuse back in the day, Nigerians must wake up to the reality of our existence. No one is safe under the kind of tyranny that the goverment practices.

All evidence seems to suggest that The Nigerian government is the enemy of its own people. They have never really served the electorate in good faith. Their various shortcomings are too numerous to count.
In recent times, there’s hardly been a moment in the life of the nation when some form of disabling conduct was not being perpetuated by government officials and their cohorts yet most of them are not challenged by the people. The situation has become so common that most Nigerians have become desensitized to the drama yet these inane activities insidiously harm the commune. The present state of Nigeria today not a sudden phenomenon. It is a culmination of many blunders and false steps that we’ve taken in the past.
Terrorists have taken over the terrain as if there is no government. They are killing and maiming unarmed civilians yet the government remains unperturbed. But the same government had the resources to illegaly abduct Nnamdi Kanu and attack Sunday Igboho. Their priorities are morbidly inane and embarrassing.
The recent attack on Igboho’s residence is a testimony to the fact that the Nigerian government has lost its cause. It is because of the tragedy and grand failure of the Nigerian nation that some folks are agitating for their own sovereign states..
The quest for a yoruba nation is being led by many elders in silent communion. However, before that dream can be attained, there is an existential battle to be fought against the handlers of the prison. Igboho is the brave child that’s leading that battle. Whether or not he has a bagful of academic degrees is not relevant at this stage. What matters is that he is the leader of our army and his purpose and mandate are very clear. – “Take us where eagles dare if the need arises and we will follow.” In fulfilling this mandate, Igboho seems to enjoy the support of many wise members of civil society.
Some folks have tried to vilify his profile by suggesting that his actions are politically motivated but that has not been expressed in his conduct niether does his mandate align with such a premise. The work igboho has set for himself is clear. – “Assist in the establishment of a yoruba nation” and he is doing it well. This is why the cabal feels threatened by the force he represents.
Igboho must not be left at the mercy of the cabal. We must all rise to defend him and his followers against the tyranny that threatens to consume us all.

Dr. Wale Sodade