A very young girl who now sees me as her father, called me recently to tell me that her boyfriend invited her for Dinner.

She is very young, vibrant and brilliantly intelligent, it will be unfair if I forget to add that she is beautiful.

She has a good job and a sad relationship history.

She is an orphan, the first day she came to my inbox to narrate her story, I did some investigations and it was true, so I have been playing a fatherly role to her within my capacity, this is why she tells me everything.

She told me about the young guy who wants to take her on a date and she asked for my opinion. Her call came in the same day a young boy was arrested for killing his girlfriend for money rituals.

I developed cold feet immediately but as my ancestors would say, it is wrong to appear weak and confused when people are looking up to you. I gathered enough strength and emotional intelligence from this ancient words and then said to her, my Daughter. My opinion is this story I’m about to narrate to you.

I had a Friend who always boast that he is ready to do anything for money, When I say anything, I’m not talking about hard labour or any stressful job, he always boast that people who are into illegal business doesn’t have two heads.

So one year like that, I visited him, we decided to hit the town. We were carried away by the entertainment in the bush bar to the point that we stayed there till 12midnight. So we decided to Lodge in a hotel behind the bar.

We entered the room, the guy kept repeating his earlier statement that he can do anything for money, that money is sweet. I really spoilt him in that bar, so I understand where the “money is sweet” was coming from but the “I can do anything to make money” was what I couldn’t trace where it was coming from.

I became very uncomfortable with his constant rants that he can do anything for money. I told him stay in the room, that i want to buy something downstairs.

I left him, paid for another room downstairs and slept there. He called, I told him to sleep that someone came to pick me, that we will see tomorrow.

Tomorrow? He shouted.

Yes tomorrow brother.

Money for hotel nko? Who go pay? He screamed this time.

Don’t worry, I don pay for everything, I assured him.

Okay boss, thank you sir. He hailed.

Welcome bro, I replied.

He no know say I dey the same hotel with am, i lock door sleep.

The next morning, he woke up and saw me coming out from my room.

Ahaaan. Guy, u sleep for this hotel?

Me: Errrhm, yeah, I did.

Him: why you go waste money like that na? me and you fit share one room na. Why pay for another room, abi you carry woman last night?

Me: No, I no Carry any woman, I was just taking some security measures.

Him: security measures? Someone is after you?

Me: Yes, I think so.

Him: this is serious, who is after you?

Me: you are the one, I can no longer sleep in the same room with you, the way you keep saying you can do anything for money, you fit cut my head when I dey sleep. Bro, you are a potential ritualist.

Everybody outside was just laughing out loud, even him no fit breath well because of laugh.

When he was able to speak, he said to me, guy e never reach like this na

I tell am say e don reach o, How can I comfortably sleep with someone who has been boasting that he can do anything for money? What if you slaughter me in my sleep?

Since then, I count hundred meters before I sit beside him.

My daughter, Why am I narrating this funny but serious story to you? We cannot stop having friends, we cannot stop hanging out but we must Stop taking what our friends say for granted. Be sensitive enough to know when people are unknowingly passing a message.

If you have friends who always boast about their ability to do anything for money, be careful around them.

Sometimes these people unconsciously warn us of how harmful they can be when money is involved, but we are not sensitive enough to pick the message.

My daughter, hangout but Stay safe, know where you are sleeping, know who you are sleeping with.

If you are lodging in a hotel with anybody, or passing the night anywhere with anybody, make a phone call in the person’s Presence and be loud about it. In fact, it will be better you use this person’s phone to make this call.

Daughter m, you can call me with this person’s phone and say “Daddy, I will be passing the night in my friend’s house, he is the owner of this number, Incase you call me and it is not going through, then call this number.

My daughter, make sure this person is around when you are making this call.

Daughter m, you can add some lies like, Daddy you know that young man’s picture I sent you the other day? Yes, he is the one I’m hanging out with. Call him if my line is not going through, My daughter if you can do this, it will go a long way in discouraging him if he had any stupid idea in mind before.

I blessed her, she thanked me and ended the call.

Why am I narrating this story to my people on Facebook..?

Today is February 11. The good news is that in the next 3 days, we will be celebrating Valentine, the bad news is that many girls will go missing that day. If you are reading this, I want to believe that you will pick some lessons here and be careful.

The issue here is not if money ritual works or not, the issue here is that people perform the rituals. Whether it works or not is a topic for another day, today’s topic is that people perform these rituals and if it doesn’t work, their victims won’t come back to life.

Stay safe..❣️?

Be careful out there ❣️