Lagos built their deep seaport and now the FG has given it approval for operations. This achievement took vision, long term planning, consistent investment and commitment through four administrations from Tinubu to Sanwoolu. Now it has paid off.

While the opposition claim Lagos is a no mans land, wail, twist and turn, spend time on criticisms, fighting government, threatening secession, sitting at home, and all other forms of unproductive agitations and propaganda…

The Southwest, the Yorubas are quietly executing a 50 year development master plan, developing critical infrastructure. Mind you an airport of international standard is already on the way, as well as a fourth mainland bride, including the launch of the blue light rail, which will eventually connect all SW states. In a few years these projects will fully become operational.

But of course many of you in opposition will be deliberately blind to the gradual developmental and infrastructure progress and achievements being made at both State and Federal Levels by the APC.

Regarding your question, why Lagos?

I will just say to you that he who spends his time and money on achieving his vision will often be courted by nations, sought after by investors, and blessed with wealth. The difference between and Lagos State and others is what it’s leadership and people do with their time, and resources.

Babajide Ibiayo