Speaking from fact on Nigerians ethnic groups, each ethnic group have their tribe own state, for example, Kano state belongs to the Hausas while Anambra state is for the Igbos, without any form of argument Lagos state is a Yoruba land, the state is a territory of the Awori people who speaks a distinct dialect of the Yoruba language. Yorubas are the most accommodating tribe who accept people from different part of Nigeria also allowing them to thrive in their lands irrespective of their tribe, be it Hausa or igbo are free to settle and succeed in Yoruba land based on the accommodating and peaceful atmosphere. This Yoruba accommodating and peaceful practice has been in existence over years and this practice has affected Lagos state (Yoruba land) in which some settlers have abused and misunderstood the concept by claiming that Lagos is a no man’s lands because of the Yorubas generosity.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo dealt with this same issue when Dr Nnamdi Azikwe abused the generousity of the Yorubas and attempted to take over their land as the Dutchmen took over Southern Africa. The Yorubas also dealt with this question intelligently when Biafran soldiers tried to invade the West from Ore, after overrunning Bendel State with the aid of Igbo connections there. Yorubas were generous and trustful. Dr Azikwe insulted their sensibility, abused their generosity and trust. Why would he, an Igbo, wish to be premier of the West and then install an Igbo, as premier of the East when the Yorubas at that time had more literate and capable people? That was a total betrayal of trust. As at that time the movement was aimed at fighting to send the white men away and after a successful session, Igbo settler wish to impose local Igbo colonialism on Yoruba race which can’t be accepted anywhere in Nigeria. Speaking of Yorubas generosity after the civil war most settlers properties are being returned to them while in other parts of the country this never happened.

Now talking about limitations for settlers, Mofe Oyatogun of STAR 101.5FM radio station in Lagos played her EARLY RUSH SHOW, a 1952 audio clip of an interview with Ahmadu Bello, Governor of Northern Nigeria then. He said unequivocally that the North would not employ Igbos in its civil service, because if you gave them an inch, you will not know when they would take a mile. That was way back in 1952, that’s 71 years ago, this factor has affected some countries like South Africa, Cote d’ivoire, Libya, China, and it is still playing out somehow in our country, the last presidential election, President Mohammadu Buhari probably won landslide victories in Northern states because that Ahmadu Bello radio interview clip went viral in that political landscaper. Peter Obi, an Igbo, was vice presidential running mate to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the Northerners still lived in fear of the Igbo man as Ahmadu Bello had taught them to do and as they were reminded in that audio clip replay as per limits.

Lagos state, a southwestern Nigeria, is a Yoruba ancestral land that endorses Peace, unity and generosity for all tribes but the limits should also stands for settlers in order not to take the concept for granted.