Amid the criticisms trailing the Presidential Campaign Council list of the All Progressives Congress, APC, the APC Supporters Network Nigeria has expressed displeasure over the list.

APC Supporters Network Nigeria, one of the registered support groups within the party, stated that the list was short of expectations of the party faithful, adding that it is a recipe for failure if the list stands.

In a statement by its National Coordinator, Abdulhameed Momoh, said: “There is need for the party leadership to feel the pulse of the membership to know that the step the composition of the council was not only calamitous but gradually closing the door of victory against the party.”

The coordinator of the group said the group was speaking for several other groups within the party “who also felt disenchanted by the action of the party.”

The statement reads: “This is a party we have been with from the days of ACN to CPC and eventually the APC. The list as far as the majority of the groups is concerned, is not reflective of the efforts and support of the various groups and youths who actually are the engine room of the party. One would have expected that the list would have some members of the groups, however minor it may be. The majority of the people on the list are majorly those who have no electoral value, at best, spent horses. More annoying is the fact that some names within the PDP were also infused into the list. We are not aware that Senator Nnamani Chmaroke, Chief Chukwu Ozichukwu, and the former Deputy National Chairman of the PDP are members of the APC.

“We are groups of loyalists who want the best, not only for the party and our presidential candidate but also our country. However, that interest and loyalty should also reflect in the decision-making the party is taking. These groups are the canvassers of and for the party. They are the ones that are on the field, speaking and defending the party and its candidates. I think that their effort of theirs should count for something. We think the council and the party should rethink and let their decision reflect the aspirations and wishes of every member of the party.”