The climate conference of 22nd of April 2019 organized by WeDontHaveTime, a Swedish based media firm will be an event that won’t be forgotten in Europe. It was a great way to mark the Earth Day celebrations

The summit with the theme ”Together we are the solutions”, had famous environmental advocates like Prof. Katharine Hayhoe, the leading US-based Atmospheric Scientist and Prof. Jeffrey Sachs the Special Adviser to the current UN Secretary-General on SDGs, discussion were centered around ways to effectively communicate the global climate crisis and take actions.

The organizer also created opportunities for Hundreds of wonderful climate project to be submitted but only about 30 of those initiatives in 3 different categories were successfully pitched in the conference. ( Climate Love Category, Climate Warning Category and Creative Climate Idea category ).

The event held at the prestigious Norrsken House in Stockholm, Sweden and was a great success because WeDontHaveTime launched, one of the leading global App on Social Network for Climate Action. The app is currently trending, with a rating score of 4.8 of 5 stars on Google Play and 5 of 5 on the Apple Store system.

However, our story is not only about the conference but also actually about an App concept called ”RepClime” pitched during the event which had been launched by the Swedish-based group on 24th April 2019. It’s the top trending Climate Idea on WeDontHaveTime Platform.

Mr. Igmar Rentzhog, CEO of WeDontHaveTime said that ”All climate ideas submitted on the We Don’t Have Time platform have been summed up in a live-feed to be featured in shopping malls, subway underground, and outdoors spaces across Europe and on social media networks.”

However, the focus is on one of best creative app idea for 2019 currently trending in Europe, ”RepClime” an App created by an African, Dr Gbujie Daniel Chidubem that made it to the final of the pitching challenge only to top climate creative idea category on the WeDontHaveTime Platform when it was launched few days ago.

Dr.Gbujie the ”RepClime” Inventor, was also invited as one of the VIP International speakers in the summit, this Nigerian is the Founder/CEO of Team 54 Project International US-based Not-for-profit group that identifies unique and innovative ways to take climate action, geared towards building climate resilience in various vulnerable nations.

In July 2018, Gbujie was recognized as one of leading role model for youths across the globe by the ConservativeMom Magazine, an International media firm based in Florida,USA. stated that the launch of the various climate initiatives through this platform was to put additional pressure on the relevant stakeholders especially the government, to begin serious climate discussions and possibly better ways to act nationally and globally on the climate crisis in order to make a difference.

The ” RepClime ” winning finalist comprises of members from the organization, they include Dr. Gbujie Daniel Chidubem (Inventor), Milica Milosev (pitcher), Winnie Akidi and Dr. Onyinye Uchegbu-Gbujie.

The App is developed to be a real-time reporting system, that will enable people become environmental stewards by speaking up and sharing live reports of climate incidents happening at their respective locations.

”RepClime” will have a dedicated website to analyze data retrieve from the App and will have its operating system integrated to the GPS network.
Furthermore, the App helps enhance and reinforce adaptational strategy during pre or post climate disaster risk reduction protocol, which will be made possible through the data provided by the RepClime App.
The App will assist to bridge the gap between farmers and various stakeholders especially the agricultural ministries by collecting data that can be used to strengthen their adaptation skills for climate-smart agriculture practices and helping citizens project in real-time extreme weather scenario.

“RepClime App” is summary it is a climate alert-warning system that will notify citizens and tourists visiting vulnerable nations affected by unusual weather patterns to be careful.

This app can also be targeted at the global tourism sector so as to get the industry to invest in climate solutions like the innovative concept of ”RepClime”.

The Swedish based is to packaging this ”RepClime” to the organization that can fund the entire project and make it readily available for free the recipient firm that was selected by Gbujie’s Team was Google.

The goal is to get ”RepClime” App to be free to nations vulnerably impacted. Hence the request by WeDontHaveTime to get citizens across the globe to support the ”RepClime” by clicking on the ” I Agree” button on the WeDontHaveTime Live feed link:

The organiser of began a global promotional campaign and Google have been officially contacted about ”RepClime” by the Swedish based media firm.

Gbujie, when contacted by our press crew confirmed the news about ”RepClime”, He was quick to thank WeDontHaveTime staff, members of his organization and the supportive public who have been clicking the ”I Agree” button in support of ”RepClime”.

”I am moved by the support for our App as we have are gradually meeting the requirement for the various level that the App is to pass as agreed with by the WeDontHaveTime management in order to get Google to fund the App.” Gbujie said.

”RepClime” needs less than 100,000 people clicking the ” I Agree ” button for Google to fund the App and to make it free.

Gbujie also heaped praised on Mr. Rentzhog for organizing an event that showcase the great top ten climate ideas and for getting ”RepClime” to the international Stage. He also singled out a staff of WeDontHaveTime Mr. Marten Thorslund commendation for all the prompt communication and technical assistance extended to the RepClime Team in preparing for the program.

The Team54Project International ”RepClime” Team believes that the App the little contribution from their organization to addressing the issue of climate change and to ensure that current and future generations have a livable planet they can call their home.

Consequently, the global support from 100,000 persons, who click the ”I Agree” button here in this link – means that they will be able to save millions of lives with this App and equally inspire others to take climate actions as we journey together towards the Sustainable Development Path to build a green earth.

Together we truly are the solution to the climate crisis!

Article was written by Ms. Daphne Annie Lindholm
a Swedish Based Journalist and principal contributor to Gothenburg News local Swedish newspaper and she also attended the 2019 WeDontHaveTime Climate conference