Congratulations Asiwaju…The Jagaban himself….at 1’271 votes you emerged clearly as the flag bearer of APC in the presidential election for 2023.

Our Asiwaju, you have by this victory demonstrated that there’s reward for hard work. A few weeks ago some political interlopers and detractors made the whole process become hazy. You maintained your disposition, maturity and capacity for leadership by your response to the turbulence that was about to erupt. However, your dogedness; pedigree; consistency and steadfastness has come to take us forward.

Your victory at the APC primary election of today is an affirmation of your national acceptance and trust.

Nigeria now needs your political capacity and sagacity more than any other time at this period of our national life. Remember, “To whom much is given, much is desired.”

Your election as the flag bearer of the ruling APC ended up like a one horse race considering the votes achieved by your other competitors. I foresee a repeat of this victory when it is time to confront the opposition party at the general election.

We trust in you but let me reiterate that “The reward for hard work is more work”.

We trust that you will excel and I believe that you will hit the ground running when the time comes for you to take the mantle of leadership of our dear nation Nigeria.

God’s willing, your victory at the next election is a done deal by his Grace.


The Statement was released by APC South Africa Chairman, Engr. Bola Babarinde in Lagos, Nigeria, yesterday 8th, June 2022. 

– Bello Akinkunmi Yakub