Atiku owns 16 % of Intels. A company between the Volpis of Italy and a number of other international merchants of villainy against African states. Intels started in Nigeria as Nicotes, but eventually transformed to Intels. For years this company has held the monopoly of generating revenues from all marine activities in Nigeria for NPA. It’s been making massive revenues, making more money than perhaps any of the 36 states in Nigeria except Lagos.

Anyone who knows the damage Intels has done to the Nigerian economy through its monopoly and extortionate rates, without remitting proper revenues to govt will stop Atiku from being President.

Intels by compromising everyone at top level in govt, Presidents, ministers of transport, MDs of NPA got away with gross violations of the law. They couldn’t buy Buhari this time around or the young lady who is MD of NPA, Hadiza Bala Usman. She broke the monopoly of Intels allowing another yard to build the FPSO for Egina, the Total project. Other companies are also now allowed to run base services at Onne instead of Intels alone, which has been the case for years.
Intels has been a cash cow for years, generating over $200m a month with very little going to govt. This has gone on for years. The company has controlled all marine revenues for decades making billions of dollars.

This is the primary source of Atiku’s enormous wealth. By breaking the monopoly, Buhari threatens the wealth of Atiku, reason he outspent every contestant in Port Harcourt to become the candidate of PDP. For Atiku it isn’t about Nigeria though he feigns that. It’s an existential fight. His vast empire of patronage, with Intels at the center is threatened. His Italian and Lebanese mafia are threatened with extinction. They will fight dirty, they will fight with everything they’ve got.

If Atiku wins, Intels becomes a monstrous behemoth Controlling all govt revenues. They are behind Eko Atlantic City, a mega project built for the rich and well heeled, to separate the corrupt and opulent rich from the wretched poor in the country. Just like Atiku’s American University of Nigeria where the lowest fee is N5m per annum.

Ms Hadiza Bala Usman, MD- Nigerian Port Authority

Atiku is the ultimate exploitative bourgeois. Taking advantage of access to govt to make as much money as possible. The ultimate benefactor of a corrupt rentier economy, where state resources are shared by the powerful and the connected to amass enormous wealth at the expense of the country. That’s been Atiku’s life. You can’t point to any notable business with his name on it, but exploiting access to govts to buy NITEL or Intels monopolizing govt marine income for his use is his style. Cronyism, patronage that continues to enrich Atiku and impoverishes the nation.

Nigerians shouldn’t be deceived. Atiku will connive with Lebanese, Italians any foreigners to sell off Nigeria. If he became President, a few Nigerians in his circle will be very rich, but Nigeria will be worse off for the mass majority.
Above this the Lebanese and Italians in particular would have gotten a presidential accolyte that will work with them to enslave Nigerians.
If you doubt, go to Intels Onne and see the segregation. Italians, Lebanese and all whites treated like gods with the Nigerians as inconvenient appendages. Atiku will be bad for Nigeria.

Written by : Hadiza Bala Usman