I may not like the leadership style of Buhari and even his person, however i have been pondering about certain aspect of his life.

That singular thing seems to keep making him appoint or select old people like him to sensitive offices.
Maybe those people are good or bad is not mine to talk about here. However, the kind of person he selects is a function of who he is.

But the singular thing i noticed is *RELATIONSHIP.*

Nearly everyone around him today have been with him some 30, 40 years ago if not more, yet he maintained the cordiality.

As young men, i have a critical question for you.

*_Are you sure you have lived a life worth of keeping as friends for long and can you be trusted?_*

Don’t answer yet, check your life first.
How you have treated, every single person’s you have met.

You had sexual relationship with almost every guys/ladies you met and left them all abruptly, thinking you are smart. 10 or 20 years after, one of them or their husband/wife seats on a post where you could have got recommendation for job or business easily but you lost it.

You were close to a friend who trusted you with an idea he was nursing and before he knows, you are already working on that same idea with another person. He saw you, maybe got angry and you begged him, you think he will ever trust you any longer. Don’t be too spiritual.

You were given an amount for a group of people in your department or group either for a project or to be shared equally, you took a larger percentage first and asked that the rest be shared equally again. And you think you are smart. My friend, one or two of them heard about it but they did not ask you, you planted a seed that will germinate in 10 to 20 years time.

You had a deal with certain group of people and you pledged your agreement to the fall out of the proceeds. BOOM! Success came and you broke your part of the deal. You think you are the only one that is in need of money. I am sorry for you, many of them may be quiet, but please, forget any opportunities that will come from them later in life. You have eaten them up all at once.

A friend came to you and told you a particular secret about his life or family or educational struggles, the next thing you did was to tell some other persons under the pretence that you were trying to raise intercessors. Well done Prayer Warrior. You don’t know you have taught the person a hard lesson that you are never to be trusted.

You were at an advantage and you were asked for help, you closed your eyes and advised them to try their luck. Don’t they know they had luck before coming to you. That same person will grow above that level and you will need something for yourself or family later. He will gladly recommend good luck to you too.

Many of us don’t have enduring relationships because of our Greed for Money and Gain.

We can’t sustain cordiality because our eyes is always set to own everything that belongs to all.

We can’t keep friendship because we lack character and attitudes that makes others to come close to you.

We talk anyhow and act anyhow, we think life ends with us.

*_No, it is a lie, we are just a part of it, it did not even start with us anyways._*

Think and think deeply. Your growth is dependent on the numbers of people around you who are willing to lift you or willing to watch you stunt without helping.

Anytime you want to act badly to people, remind yourself that they may need to recommend you someday.

Buhari is never my person but this i have noticed about him and it is good to take a lesson from it.

By Bolarinwa Olabode