Generator fumes has killed a family of seven in Rivers state.

The tragic incident involved a man, his wife and their five children.

According to reports, the family who lived in a one-room apartment had slept-off while forgetting to put off their generator which they kept in the kitchen which was quite close to the sitting room.

As a result of this, the fumes spread to the living room where they slept and they all inhaled the fumes and died in their sleep.

A source said, “When some neighbours decided to check on them, they discovered that they were already dead in the sitting room. Residents suspected that they died as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide from the generator.

“The generator was left in the kitchen of the one-bedroom apartment. It could be that they were watching television and at a point, they slept off in the sitting room without putting off the generator.

“This morning, when neighbours went to check on them because they had not come out, they discovered that all of them had died; no member of the family survived it.”