Bolade Babarinde Posted the video above which generated comments from members of Forum For Better Nigeria.

Contents: Bill Gate is vaccines freak, ready to sponsor implant digital nano size device into vaccines.

– the big Pharmaceutical companies and Microsoft teaming up in something called the ‘ID 2020’ alliance that will combine vaccination with implantable microchips to create your digital ID

– 10 American Billionaires mainly from the  state of New York are putting resources together to reduce the world population.

Interesting discussion worth reading.

Bola Babarinde comment: Here on this forum people thought I was crazy especially the like of Osithiame because of my position on Bill Gate, I hope people with that thought will have open heart and digest some of the stories about Bill, yes the world look at him as big philanthropic and especially for his family in Africa ?, read about the hasty way Gbajabiamila planned to pass the bill on vaccination, something is not right with Bill Gate, it seems he is now insane and hate black race with passion or he is driven by enormous wealth that will follow successful implementation of global ID through vaccination. Let us be proactive and reason that our survival is in our hands. All these love for him because he brought token to Africa to confuse us should stop. A man that invest so much in Monsanto company, a no.1 GMO company should not be trusted.

Jide Kind responded : Pure bullshit. “Lies told over and over again begins to look like truth”

Why can’t Nigeria come up with its own vaccine if it does not trust vaccine from other places

Bola Babarinde responded to Jide King: Saying it is bullshit means you know for sure Bill Gates is a saint that can never work against interest of Blackman? Can you authoritatively say so.

Akorede Ojomu supported Jide King with a thump up

Steve Osithiame Agiode responded to Bola Babarinde: I know you never had smallpox or polio, or any of those other diseases that make people disadvantaged from the beginning, so I know you are a beneficiary of vaccination. Now note this, at the time you were vaccinated there were many sickos who didn’t allow their kids to be vaccinated. The opposition to vaccination in the world did not start in this generation. But most of us here are beneficiaries of the good of vaccination, why are we preventing others and their kids from the protection they give?

Bill Gates is not a vaccine, if u don’t like him, that should not be a quarrel with vaccination, let’s create our own vaccines and protect ourselves. Or are you saying he is preventing us from making vaccines ni??

Ojogbon Yemi Onikosi responded to Steve Agiode’s post: U are talking based on what u understand about vaccination. In South Africa i can say authoritatively that most white people around here do not vaccinate their children and the ones tha does are asked of they want it or not. In the case of black people it is a compulsion, they even give u some vaccination book that will make it impossible to register ur child in school if u do not have. If vaccination is so healthy and important, it still baffles me why it is optional for white people and compulsory for blacks. Are we saying the white man cares about the black man more than his own. There is something dodgy about vaccination.  Don’t be suprised that Bill Gates himself will not take the vaccination he is lobbying to impose on us.

Steve Agiode resonse to Onikosi: In Lagos here no one holds a gun to your head to vaccinate your kids. You lived once in Nigeria, did u see anyone being forced to take a vaccine? I wish these white south africans u speak of would go to Kano and test the wisdom of their decision. , let them go to the inner cities of our northern states, where polio is kept alive worldwide by this kind of attitude. You would certainly not find polio in SA or in most of the rest of the world.

Bola Babarinde made some clarity on his first post Mind you am not against vaccination in totality, my worries is the viguor and desperation to test this vaccine in Africa, we are no more in stone age in Africa, we have capability to invent and discover many things in science nowadays why not encourage our virologists, epidemiologists and molecular scientists to work on appropriate vaccinea for us, because there are doubt on Western world vaccines, why so much trust in people that never meant well for the race other than how to keep us under them for ever. Globalisation is not complete until we have unified identification system, we have many oprtions from facial, thump print, chip implant recognition e.t.c. our total dependence on the west or east will spell doom for us. When a man is hell-bent on reducing a particular race population forcefully, how can we trust such a person.

Jide King: Answered Bola Babarinde’s question if Jide King thought Bill gate is a Saint

‘May be’

Jide King also quickly responded to Steve Agiode: God bless you Steve. I don’t understand this unfounded against Bill Gates. Polio was almost eradicated from the surface of the earth. Bill  Gates took it upon himself to help. Opinion leaders in the North of Nigeria ignorantly latched on to the same conspiracy theory and begin to tell their people to avoid the vaccines. Did they provided any alternative? The answer is NO. Then Polio became multiplied again in Nigeria. The end result was for the rest of the to accept that Nigeria is now the epicentre of polio in the world. Polio is a disease that has been completely eradicated in almost the whole world until northern Nigeria messed up the process.

Bill Gates is made already. If he’s taking out of his plenty to help humanity let’s acknowledge him. Question is what benefit is Bill Gates getting for spending his money on polio in Nigeria?

By the way who says Nigeria cannot develop its own vaccine? If you are afraid of Bill Gates then do your own.

By the way who tells any of you that Bill Gates has made a vaccine? I need cynics to answer this question.

Jide king responded to Bola Babarinde eon his clarity of his post: What do you mean by vigour? You want them to approach the issue of Covid-19 lackadaisicaly? These are serious minded people. Mind you Nigeria is the least on their mind. Hahaha Bola you have caught the bug!!!! Now I know we cannot have an open minded discussion on this matter anymore unfortunately.

Bola Babarinde responded to Jide king: Even before Corona Virus was publice they knew it was coming. Open minded ke, your mind was closed many years ago on this already,  will you believe Bill Gate scammed the world through ICT prior to year 2000 and can still do worse again? My mind is more open than yours. JK let us leave the matter it will be revisited when all are in the open, may God preserve us till then.

Jide responded immediately to above from Bola Babarinde: Don’t join issues, he could have scammed during year 2k. I’m not privy to that, I don’t know about that. Perhaps that is one of the business opportunities that made him to be  able to afford his philanthropy around the world, including the polio programme in Nigeria. Pls don’t join issues, if not we will have to go back to so many of his life history. U don’t seem to want to talk to polio. I repeat open your mind

Who are the they???? Pls answer because i keep hearing they, they. America accussing China, China accusing America. Conspiracy theorists and their pastors shouting bill gates. This unfounded generalisation go soon show us.

Bola Babarinde responded to Jide King: The business promoter of virus vaccines, the pharmaceutical fraternity.

Steve Agiode then share the following tweeter: Bill Gate is still paying for Nigeria $76m polio debt and will continue to pay it till next 18 years…

God will judge any Nigerian speaking evil of Bill Gate

With comment from Steve Agiode that: God will judge us all, nonsense

Jide King Concour with Steve Agiode by saying o hooo and posted: So are you worried about business acumen and profiteering or you are worried that microchips will be inserted into vaccines as being taunted by global cynics? Because they are two different things. All the Nigerian follow follow are being dragged by the nose because of brainwashing….666 sign  of the Satan as described in the people. Pls let’s stop mixing things.

Bola Babarinde responded to Jide King: My condemnations are not about about anti-Christ but simply his exploitative nature as a businessman. Remember I kept on reminding us of year 2K ICT scam, he did business, made big money but by deceit. They propagated the world may end if our computer is not compatible, even nuclear war head may trigger off, all our data will crash, Banks will loose billions e.t.c, this was not the case he used his power of money to deceive the world eventually he got away with it. My point here is that we should not fall for this now, let our leaders wake up and counter this by encouraging local scientist and even accept and promote our indigenous medicine to help instead of vaccines that may have negative effect at long run. We talked about polio as example, he may did it out of desire to help and was ignorant of enormous money he can make by creating and solving the problems for the world. Note that the world of computer virus, these guys create virus and produce antivirus because they know the problems then easy to solve, he probably brought same idea in machine to humans. Please guys see what am seeing. If he is successful, we will be having pandemic more often now. But if what he projected as business did not work, he will be discouraged in his mission

Jide King: Capitalism rule the world now, so anybody who is smart enough to gate a Covid-19 vaccines…All the person need to do is to Patent the discovery and make money. Mind you nobody stops any Nigerian from venturing. If Bill Gates see opportunity and take risk to invest and start making money, none of us should stand to condemn him pls. So which one are we talking about

Steve Agiode response to Bola Babarinde: But u refuse to see, he doesn’t own any pharmaceutical company or lab, he may invest in one like me and u but I don’t even know whether he does that kind of investment. Right now there are many pharmaceutical cos racing to produce the vaccine. No one knows which will work, Germany, USA and England are in the frontline. But they will need to be mass produced this is the place where foundations like his come in to try to make it produced en-masse and cheaply. It’s not certain which nation will finally invent the vaccine, who knows it could even be India. Now foundations are by their nature non-profit and you can be prosecuted for making money out of it. Trump was so prosecuted and he reached a settlement in which he paid State of New York some money back. If Gate is using his foundation to make money, if u get the information together, u can get the state where his foundation is based  to charge him for making that profit

As to Y2k, Microsoft was said to have omitted to anticipate the coming of the turn of the century when they created their system. Remember Microsoft was once a small upstart Co, no one knew they would revolutionarise the world this much. Programming can be an error prone business. A patch was needed so they created it and sold it to prevent the crash of systems. What’s the problem there? Is it the error or the fact that they sold the patch? If u mean he should have given the patch free to every one, they could have done so, but that’s a business decision, I don’t know how that would have affected the business model of Microsoft but what is clear is that errors happen all the time in any human product

Tayo Agoro came in with this post: My view about this is simply interest and it has been concluded as a done deal and that is why we’re at the stage of the Pandemic show of the process begging for the Vaccination which is going to be the next stage.

However, great influence and investment in a project like this is not new at all. The biggest investment has already gone into the discovery of Nano size micro chips device that could be introduce into vaccine without any harmful effects and apparently that has necessitated this next stage that must pass and pave way for the need.

The vaccine will deal with the Virus and the complimentary item will allow investor like Bill Gate to secure next level stage for Microsoft to advance further and be in control of the next level database control of data traffic.

And guess what! It is not harmful as been portrayed at all but it is exactly repetition of what he has done in the past in 1975 when him and his childhood friend decided to embark on MS – DOS programme and later Windows PC programming. After there discovery IBM who is among the list of its competitors now  gave them contract then.

In retrospect for Microsoft to micro manage its competitors actually pave ways for acquisitions of other companies with new ideas that engaged to draw human data traffic.

Furthermore If you look at this below top 10 world competitor apart from microsoft in the database related business.

* Oracle, Intel, Google, Adobe, IBM, Cisco, AWS, SAP, HP, Salesforce, Facebook etc.

Then, you are likely to agree with me that it is a desperate attempt in competition to place Microsoft ahead again in the lead of world database market share control.

There will be a lot of need to get information analysis of how human activities are derive and for every user of the database in the process, Microsoft will command handsome share of the return.

To reduce population of the world does not require this level of huge investment and pretentious calamities to the world. I can not comprehend why the need would arise to reduce the world population when the world need active youth to serve the trendy way of life that has change completely from the old ways of doing things.

I want to limit myself to few database companies below that billions of human being has voluntarily provided there personal information without heaven falling because of it.

☆ LinkedIn , Skype, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo, Google, WhatsApp,,  Amazon, ebay, Zoom etc.

But rather, the world is enjoying what we now know as Social Media, more jobs, more devices, more sales, calls & data cost alternate based on preferences unlike high call cost before etc.

Sharing information has gone wild that journalism feels the threats of manipulating or distorting information as the News breaks.

Guys lets open our mind to the big league and learn how the game is been play by the big boys.

China at the moment no doubt will dominate  the IOT (Internet of Things) with 5G which is a threat to the West + other areas China are dominating but America will still control the data service required of the world and not prepared let go of it.

I reckoned Corvid-19 is an intended act and a senior boys game. The Vaccine with Nano size chips can not be stop.

The man was intentionally locked out of the meeting bcos he posed a serious threat to the high level confidentiality information as at the time.

Now is the time for action. Nigeria + rest of the world got nothing to loose but only to accept and play along.

Nigeria is a very slow giant that need to focus on how to generate about 20,000mWatts of power to provide for our electricity and run our industry by 2030. Our existing power infrastructure is not anywhere near what to rely upon. The time to start is now so that we can benefit on the fast changes world ahead.

ID 2020 has projected on the foreseeable future potential of Nano chips implant and they have used there influence and wherewithal highest level of politics to get on track for its delivery.

Jide King comments on Bola Babarinde post again: Has Bill Gates started selling vaccines???? Habaaa, I’m trying to get the point of misunderstanding.

And his comment to Tayo Agoro: I’m laughing.

Isaac Sunday comment: Could it be this Gates no gree open for some interests to enter inside the compound? Just asking ni o!

Jide King also comically responded to Tayo Agoro:  ‘m enjoying the myriad of conjectures. Real sweet story telling. Reminds me of James Hardly Chase.

Bola Babarinde response to Steve Agiode: I think you don’t understand the gravity of what he did, the propaganda was such that everyone and organisation was persuaded to change the ICT infrastructures and acquire new software which was not necessary, they only need upgrade. But upgrade would be a token instead they spent billions on propaganda, create fear of system crash and eventually billion to loose. How I wish people like you can support me and file a law suit against him on that alone.

Isaac Sunday response to Bola Babarinde: That was all business bro, though it speaks volumes of the man’s character which you’re likely not comfortable with but how about cutting him some slack that he’s changed and mean well this time around? Just saying

Jide King response to Bola Babarinde: I’m getting confused  because the discussion has veered off track completely.

Jide Kind Response to Isaac Sunday: Thanks Steve. Ok Bill Gates made money abi, if he didn’t succeed in business, how then could he have become the philanthropist we know today?

Jide King again on Bola Babarinde Post: We are here arguing but we’ve got no investment guts to bring money together to sponsor research and development of a new vaccine. Bill Gates and others are putting head and resources together to take advantage of new business opportunities but me and siddon dey look. Weldone u hear.

Isaac Sunday response to Jide King: Madagascar just gave us a push on that but WHO is spitting on it

Maybe that’s why @Bola Babarinde is fidgety about Gates gesture

Bola Babarinde responded to Jide King: Can we even come together to promote a simple smallest media outfit, you talking of vaccine, only Jesus and Muhammed can help to achieve that. I learnt that Kano people said their Religion does not allow autospy to investigate course of death but Saudi Arabia will deploy highest tech to help their society. We are very special specie of humans.

Steve Agiode responded to Bola Babarinde on Bill Gate scam of year 2k: I would like to do it, but let me ask u did he put a gun to your head to buy it? I want to know because any good judge will ask me, he would want to know why didn’t u just change your computer and use IOS system of Apple? Or any other one, Microsoft was not a monopoly.

But Microsoft doesn’t produce or sell vaccines and they are not in the human microchip business.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation do philanthropic work of getting vaccines to people

Jide King’ general comment: You think Bill Gates is stupid,  they’ve not finished taking care of Americans and Europeans talk less of Nigeria. Pls give this matter a deeper thought.

Steve Agiode’s response to Isaac Sunday on Madagascar Corona solutions: But there is the scientific method, the gold standard of research since the 17th century. Let scientists help Madagascar take what they discovered through the process of observation etc to get to cure. The world is waiting for a safe cure.

Isaac Sunday comment again: Personally i concocted that Madagascar serum on Saturday and my household has being on it since yesterday, Ginger, Garlic, Neem Leave (common Dogonyaro fa!), Lime, Papaya Leave (our very own Pawpaw), These are our very own natural stuffs dem o, wey full everywhere yangayanga. Abeg Bros @Bola Babarinde arrange pepper and gather some investors make we package this thing begin make this money joo.

Bola Babarinde responded to Steve Agiode: It is a very complex thing not so simple as you trivializing it. Now we are chatting on Bill Gates, Conspiracy theories, Vaccines e.t.c using our Data bought with our money, are we forced to buy data, it is life and how we are enslaved by technology.

Bola Babarinde jokingly commented: People like JK and Osithiame will spend money to discourage our venture but white man vaccines. Let us get JK and Osithiame out of our way first, the first project. ?

Isaac Sunday Comments to Bola Babarinde: Bros na my lawyer and counsellor you say make we get out of the way? The venture go move so?

Steve Agiode comment to Bola Babarinde joke: Oh Lord How did I know this guy (Emoji).

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