Allegedly Sacks Subordinate for failure to meet up with target

One of the senior officers of the Western Nigeria Security Network, code named Amotekun, Chief Johnson Ogunyemi has petitioned Governor Kayode Fayemi over his alleged removal from office by the commandant of the corps Rtd. Brig. Gen. Joe Komolafe on the account that he allegedly failed to supply him cows for his personal business.

Chief Ogunyemi in the petition dated, October 25, 2021 and copied Ekiti State House of Assembly, alleged that he was deliberately witch hunted because he could no longer meet up with the number of targeted cows as instructed by the commandant.

It reads ” How am i supposed to come up with 10 cows every now and then just to curry his favour and remain in his good books?”

Chief Ogunyemi alleged that all the local governments branch commandants are under obligation to bring cows some 3, some 5 , even 10 at times in a day while the arrested cows are allegedly traded and the money goes into the coffers of the state commandant.

He maintained that he was not aware that the focus and duties of the Security Network has shifted from tracking and arresting criminal herders, Bandits and kidnappers to Cow Business where picked cows are sold and the money pocketed by Brigadier Komolafe.

” Most cows brought are not arrested in farms but since it is an order that cows must come in daily and there is a target for all the Branch commandants to meet in a week. When i was confronted with the fact that i had stop bringing a certain number of cows , i was surprised.

“I told him i can only arrest cows found destroying peoples farms and not just picking cows randomly. At another time when i was accused of not bringing cows at all, i made it clear i can’t start cattle rustling all because i am an Amotekun commandant, our job transcends cow business which the state commandant has turned the security outfit to”.

Chief Ogundipe alleged that Brigadier Komolafe promised to deal with him severely for refusing what he termed a direct order of bringing in cows at all cost.

He explained that the commandant had since then been looking for ways to remove him from his position but he was shocked and surprised when he was told he has been sacked and replaced.

” I understand the man who has been appointed to take my place tendered another persons Testimonials and credentials as his own which i considered as a dubious move by the state commandant”.

Chief Ogunyemi said his refusal to become an agent of stealing instead of curbing atrocities earned him a bad name with the commandant and his subsequent sack. He alledged further that Brigadier Komolafe boasted that no Board could remove him as he reports to nobody and whatever he does is unquestionable.

Protesting that he was unjustly removed, Chief Ogunyemi queried the rationale behind his sack as he alleged due process was not followed . ” I was not queried, no committee was set up, no questioning of any kind, I was never invited nor indicted over any offence to have warranted what I see as injustice on the part of the Brigadier.

“I therefore declare with all due respect Your Excellency sir, and I Insist that my sack by our state Commandant was unjust, unjustifiable, abnormal, unlawful, unwarranted, and unacceptable.

“In view of this my wrongful dismissal your Excellency, I therefore call your attention to so many shady and maladministration going on in the security outfit of Amotekun which is capable of denting and ridiculing not only the image of the outfit but also the good name of Mr Governor and his works not leaving out the state as a whole owing to bad leadership of Brigadier komolafe .

“I therefore, with due respect your Excellency, I humbly request your Excellency’s intervention to urgently review my case and even overhaul the security outfit as well as re-organize the agency in Ekiti for effective operations that would portray the good name of Ekiti, the vision, and mission for its establishment.

All efforts to get the reaction of the commandant was unsuccessful as he did not respond to calls made to his phone while he also declined message sent to his personal line.

When contacted, the Chairman Board of the Corps, Akin Aregbesola said he could not react because he did not receive any petition.

He said he had only been inundated with calls and had also read it on social media but no report of such on his table hence he could not say anything.