The South African ruling party’s deputy president, David Mabuza, is willing to step down from his position if it will unite the party.

This comes after he learned that he is increasingly unpopular in the country.

According to a report by The Citizen, Mabuza claims to value the ANC over any power or position.

Mabuza stated that there is chaos within the ANC, and he is prepared to give up his position if it will lead to unity.

The problem we’re having in the ANC is the grappling for positions. What matters is the unity of the organisation, rather than positions. If some people are so desperate for positions, I’m prepared to give up my position to anybody who wants it, as long as that move will unite the organisation.

David Mabuza has been criticised and accused of fraud for a long time. His travelling to Russia did not make him any more popular.

– The African National Congress’ deputy president is willing to step down if it will unite the party

– Mabuza claims that the unity of the ANC is much more important than any

Yes, I was in Russia for a two-week treatment there, because it was there that they diagnosed me and they have records of how I should be treated.

As a matter of clarity though, I paid for my trip to Russia, including my treatment, and the state paid for the bodyguards, which is a requisite given my position in government.

I was received by the Russian government who placed me in a government hospital, according to protocol. I’m back and I’m very well because this has been my fourth medical trip to Russia.

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