Mother tongue is the language of parent that a child gets to hear after birth which helps to give feelings and thoughts. The role of mother tongue can’t be under estimated when it comes to building ideas for children, learning in the mother tongue is also crucial for improving critical thinking skills, other language learning, and literacy skills.

Late Chief Bola Ige, Former Governor of Old Oyo State, the disciple of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Minister of Justice which was muderred while in office during Olusegun Obasanjo regime as President of Nigeria

Importance of Using mother togues in communication with Nigerians children is something that should be considered serious, looking at Yoruba as a case study on it. Apart from the fact that Yoruba language is the 5th language that is widely spoken in Africa, the language helps to shape children mindset from the starting point in various aspects such as culturally, historically, pace setting and so on. Relating to the above video, if a child can’t speak Yourba because he was not born in Nigeria, he will definitely lack all these crucial factors and characteristics. As parent no matter where we live (Diaspora) let’s always ensure to teach our children our mother tongue in order to enrich them which will help them think better in order to go far in life.