Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel has said the PDP had shifted ground from its original founding prinicples, which is the reason why it is losing elections in Nigeria.

Otunba Daniel who is bidding to become the national chairman of the PDP made this assertion in Abuja yesterday, Wednesday 18th, 2017.

He said “I have done informed study of the myriad of problems which confronted our political party in the last few years, especially the one which had cost us several electoral victories since 2011, especially the presidency in 2015.

“Various reasons have been given about how we got to where we are. Chief of these are indiscipline and impunity, lack of internal democracy.

“Others are imposition of candidates as well as dangerous introduction of ticket racketing to unpopular candidates.

“The alteration of the time-tested zoning formula and convention also contributed in no small measure to the undoing of the PDP,’’

Otunba Daniel said, the current fortunes of the party could still be turned around through a careful deployment of intelligent resources and disciplined consensus.

He said, “I have come to the conclusion that the challenges which faced our political party are not permanent; they can be rectified through a careful deployment of intelligent resources.

“More so, the willpower and ability to work through difficult situations, concession and compromises if need be, and ability to move all our people into one disciplined consensus on all matters.’’

Otunba said, the nation still needs the PDP as a vibrant party and he believed he was the best candidate to move the party to the next level.

He said “I think I am most eminently qualified to correct some of the mistakes of the near and remote past having served as a Chief Executive Officer of one of the most complex states in Nigeria,’’