It look like Lagos APC is asleep, maybe we should refer to it collectively by saying maybe APC in general are still sleeping. Based on the recent presidential election which resulted to APC victory. INEC declared the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the president elect, since then Labour Party and People’s Democratic Party have joined force to claim that the 2023 presidential Election was rigged because INEC was unable to transmit the Presidential Election results Via BVAS, that’s how the Judicial strategy started.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has also disclosed that during the Presidential Election period, their online server experienced faulty technical issues and they also noticed some suspicious activities on their portal like some people were trying to hack in. Some reports were given online that group of computer experts who tried to hack the INEC portal were discovered, to wrap the long story up on the same issue, Labour Party has filed an ongoing court case to challenge the result of the 2023 Presidential Election.

Labour Party using judicial strategy again, they went to the court to ask that INEC must transmit results of the forthcoming Governorship and House of Assembly Election in Lagos State electronically via BVAS, following this, the court granted Labour party request saying INEC must transmit results electronically or digitally via BVAS in Lagos. This is a fair request by the Labour Party but what surprised me is why is it only Lagos that they are mentioning? Why not Nationwide? At least Governorship and House of Assembly Election will be held in other states. It looks like Labour Party are interested in Lagos for some self reasons and it also look like they are trying to use the Judicial system to make BVAS method mandatory for only Lagos Election, maybe they might have a favorable plans for themselves once the Lagos State Governorship Election results is transmitted via BVAS.

If that’s the case, APC are playing with fire!! APC might lose Lagos to IPOB’s, some hackers might be expecting INEC uploaded results as requested by the Labour Party for them to hack it. Looking at this issue from another angle if INEC fails to do the uploading and APC end up winning the Election, oppositions will come up again with the same concept that the election was rigged because of INEC had failed to upload and transmitt the results via BVAS and they will go on by filling another case just like the Presidential Election own. All this actions look planned and strategic, we should have known when they set Lagos on fire during #EndSARS protests as well as single out palace of Oba of Lagos and Asiwaju’s businesses for destruction and Co, let’s all wake up and stand to the challenge by putting Lagos in right hands.