A 72 hours ultimatum has been issued to mechanics and hawkers to vacate roadsides, walkways, and under bridges in the Marina area of Lagos Island.

Mr Agboola Dabiri, the Special Adviser to the Lagos State Government on Central Business District made this directive known, saying it was as a result of the Lagos State government’s resolve to ensure there was environmental sanity in all of Lagos.

According to Mr. Agboola the government was steadfast in its determination to bring a clean environment to Lagos and all forms of resistance and intimidation by uncooperative elements are futile.

Agboola said “We seek total compliance with this directive given to mechanics to vacate within 72 hours. There is no place for roadside mechanics, street trading and illegal shanties on Marina.”

“The Lagos State Government has observed with dismay the gross abuse of environmental laws and urban planning by the roadside automobile engineers, mechanics and street traders on the Island. The environmental abuse can no longer be tolerated which necessitated the decision to check the illegalities,”

Mr. Agboola further said that Governor Ambode is committed towards ensuring an adherence to the master plan set out for Marina and as such the activities of mechanics who had made several open spaces their workshops as well as those who engaged in street trading had to come to a halt.